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Long Distance Relationship; Problems Every Couple Faces

Long distance relationships are considered as tough relationships. Couples feel scared to get into a long distance relationship. Maintaining a relationship is a lot of hard work and it requires dedication from a couple. But when a couple lives hundreds of miles apart, keeping the love between them becomes even more difficult. Problems persist and it eventually becomes hard for couples to maintain the relationship. What if there is a way out of it to live happily in a long distance relationship with love overflowing? Won't it make you feel the happiest in a long distance relationship?

The problems that are often faced in a long distance relationship have been classified and bridges have been built to keep the problems away from our reach. Certain amendments from your side are required. Are you ready to do the same? If your answer is yes, then here are the ways you can find yourself out of the problems that you face in a long distance relationship.

Jealousy Is Evil

Jealousy is a major problem. It affects the core foundation of any relationship. In order to let yourself free from jealousy, there are many amendments you need to make. Keep away from situations that would make you or your partner jealous. If you feel jealous ever, discuss it with your partner. Don't hide it. Hiding it makes it worse and in the long run becomes passive aggression. A little bit of jealousy is even good. It sparks attraction in the relationship. But keep it controlled. Jealousy if not controlled leads to possessiveness, doubts, suspicion, anger and insecurity.


Cheating is less in a long distance relationship, but it is still a major problem in any relationship. Cheating is way more common than we think, as the relationship whether long distance or in the same city, partners cheat for their personal reasons. Cheating can be a tough issue. There is no proper fix for cheating unless couples are not great communicators. Communicate with your partner, tell them you desire them and how much you crave for sexual intimacy with them. Without such communication, often partners' want for sex overpowers their mind and leads them to cheat on their partner.

Fights And Arguments

Every relationship passes through a phase where fights and arguments incur so often that it becomes hard to stay in that relationship. Fights and arguments are often considered normal but in a long distance relationship, if this persists more often, either of the partners gets tired of daily arguments and fights. He/she tends to end the relationship.

To fix this glitch in your relationship, clarify with each other that you both are on the same side and these fights are ruining your love. Clarify the problem, find ways to resolve the issue, so that conflicts won't happen the next time. Certain small arguments are normal but remember to be patient with each other and in that manner, you become sure that the fights can be controlled.

Neglecting Each Other

This is the biggest problem that you face in a long distance relationship. You often get busy with your work and so does your partner. This, in turn, brings a gap in your connection with each other. You set time to connect with your partner but it gets neglected. You can fix this by having a set routine where you and your partner give each other time and talk, over the phone, or through video calls, or even texts. Communicate, tell each other about daily stuff, etc. This way, the bond doesn't break and is constantly enriched with affection.

If you are not being able to talk daily, then make it weekly, it won't cause a problem but remember to give each other time. Your relationship demands it.


We are humans and we feel the urge of being possessive about things and people who belong to us. Being possessive is good up to a limit, but going beyond a certain point makes it unbearable for people.

Possessiveness is harmful in a long distance relationship. It makes you want your partner all the time, creating troubles for your relationship. It makes your partner feel trapped in a relationship which is not apparently your reason for being possessive.

To fix this issue, as a couple, you both should engage in a healthy conversation, wherein you speak about the pain that you and your partner feel when not together and about the reasons on why possessiveness is not helping you both at all in the relationship.

It can be tricky but when you do it, it becomes easier for you and your partner to have no possessiveness in the relationship.

These are the main problems that we face in a long distance relationship that becomes the root cause of the termination of a long distance relationship.

If you related to your problems to the article, do give your thoughts below in the comment section. If you have any long distance relationship-related queries, write to us at

Story first published: Tuesday, August 21, 2018, 10:00 [IST]
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