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    It Is Okay To Date Online. Don't Feel Ashamed About It.

    By Soham

    You are single and you are in search for a date through the help of social media. But you are constantly thinking what people will say when they get to know you are searching online for a partner. It is okay to search and find a match online for dating. We are in the 21st century. Stop thinking what people will think. They are not living your life. You are!

    Let me get this straight to you. You are a fine young woman who is single and is searching for a dating partner. What's wrong with that? Absolutely, nothing.

    okay to date online

    You might hide the fact that you are using a dating app or social media for finding a partner. You think, telling your friends about it would make you seem desperate in front of them.
    To be truthful, you don't even know that the partners your friends have might also have been through dating apps.
    Stop looking at yourselves through the eyes of the people around.

    Why Is Finding Dates Online Okay?

    1. You Want To Do It.

    First of all, it is your wish to find the date online. So, you do it. You do not have to seek permission from others, rather give permissions to the dating apps to use your bio.
    Online dating is as common as using social networking sites. If marriages can be fixed over social networking sites, finding a date on the dating app is definitely okay. Don't stress about it. Just do it. Find your match today.

    2. Mostly Everyone Else Does It Too

    Why are dating apps popular? Think logically and realistically. Why does the storehouse of apps show that there are a million or more than 50 million downloads of those dating apps?

    It is because everyone else you see your age is doing it. Stop thinking that you will feel ashamed searching online on the dating sites and apps a date for yourself.

    It is not the previous century that you are in where dating was kind of a taboo. It is the current generation where everything revolves around the internet. So, what's wrong with finding a date online? I say nothing and so should you.

    3. Let's Reason This Logically.

    If you had a partner for a long time now, you would have married and wouldn't even read this article on dating. But you are not, right?

    Why so?

    Why didn't this happen?

    This says there is a definite reason behind these dating apps. These help you meet the people of your age, which you don't get the privilege of meeting in everyday life.

    There are a lot of reasons to give like maybe your family and friends have exhausted their list of men for you, maybe there are a few dates you have been to with people from your work and it didn't work out and now you don't want to mix your pleasure and work, and there are plenty more to give.

    Bottom end, if logic is applied also to dating online, it is not at all a bad option to consider, rather it is useful. So, start swiping right and left without having a single thought.

    4. It Is Not Really Bad The Way You Were Thinking

    You have to let it go from your mind that dating online is bad. Only then you can have the aura of it. It is really not bad.

    You get to meet and talk to a lot of people. Mostly to people with similar minds and ideas. You used to think it is complicated but you found out it is way more simple than even using a social networking site.
    This is a way to meet new people and to know what you seek and desire by filtering the choices you have. So, stop thinking that dating online is bad.

    You should not be ashamed of dating apps, as they are the part and parcel of the internet and a very regular thing in our daily lives. It is okay to use and meet people. It helps you know different people and from different areas. It helps you know a lot of new unknown stories.

    Considering the benefits of dating online, you should never feel ashamed of thinking about finding a date online. Start now and keep swiping the people you like. You never know you might get your life partner in one of those dating apps or websites. So, it is okay to date online and you need to understand it and go ahead with it.

    Story first published: Wednesday, April 18, 2018, 18:30 [IST]
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