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In A World Full Of Hookup Dates, Give A Commitment

By Tanya

Breakups and cold hearts, hookups and flings, they all revolve around only a common platform shared by the youth these days - dating apps. Since the invention of dating apps, the definition of love has completely changed for the millennials. "Who wants to give a commitment when there are casual hookups for fun?" This is the thought process of the present generation. But, are you going the right direction? Does the other person want the same or has taken the dating site seriously?

You can follow the super 7 tricks to win over everyone who take the notion of dating sites wrong.

In a world full of hookup dates, give a commitment.


Communicate with your match as much as you can and do not communicate with everyone you match with. Discover your interest and make the person interested in you. Lack of communication often leads to diverse attention.


If you are not so serious and looking up to something casual, say it to the other person in the very first conversation. Be satirical, rather than hiding it and falling into the problems later. So, if the other person is looking up for something serious and you are not, then you will also not fall into the trouble if you say it on the first go.

Don't Be Cheap:

Do not use cheap words, do not act like a gum and keep on sending texts to the person. If someone is not responding to you even after several texts, do not bombard their inbox with your 'wannabe' texts. It will only put you down and nothing else.


It does not only mean a relationship commitment but also if you have committed to a drink date or a movie date, do make it up for that. Do not run away from the things you have committed for, as it leaves a bad impression.

Fall In Love:

The dating site is not only for hooking up and sleeping around, you can also fall in love with the other person and plan to spend your life together as well. If that person is worth your time, money, care and passion, then do not run away if you feel you are falling for that person.

Don't Fool Around:

Do not fool around and play with the feelings of an innocent soul. Karma never leaves your path. So, think about this and then proceed with your wicked intentions.

Let's Be Just Friends:

A dating site is not only for falling in love or hooking up, they can also be used as making new friends and connections in a whole new city. They can also be used to make travel buddies. Sometimes, you come across people who not only want love and lust but are also looking for new friends and travel buddies. Sometimes, you click with some people so well that you do not think of love or lust, but some really good friendship.

So, before you consider the dating site 'cheap', remember that you make the place cheap and not the app itself. Follow the above tricks so as to get a good friend/travel buddy/date/partner. Keep swiping.

Story first published: Wednesday, April 11, 2018, 14:41 [IST]
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