How A Single Selfie Formed A Relationship Of Love

On National Selfie Day I still remember the way my love story with Suzzane started from a single selfie. I remember how we began and how we grew to be extremely fond of each other. The thing about love is, it doesn't approve unless the feelings connect.

Let me tell you how we evolved from a single feel and how we connected. A selfie can do wonders when you want it to.

national selfie day 2018

My love, Suzzane and I started the same way.
I was there with my bunch of friends in a pub drinking, filling our bellies with beer. Dancing to the tunes of alcohol-mixed music. We clicked a lot of selfies. That's what drunk friends do to you. They make you take selfies even when they know how big a camera conscious person you are.

The night called us to see the stars on the terrace of the pub where we were drinking and contemplating music and friendship. I stumbled upon a few other people and connected with their level of intoxication. This became the stepping stone of the new relationship.

There was Ellen with them. A bright star in the middle of the terrace. But to my drunk attitude, I did miss out a lot. We did have a few glances at each other and a single conversation about how smoking affects health. She is a strong believer of it and I on the other hand, a chain smoker. The differences were the cause of the conversation.

Later, these new friends joined my old bunch of drunkards and we all took a lot of selfies together to have as a memory. The night ended with everyone returning back to their respective homes.

Next morning, after the sun rose to shine on this side of the earth, I found myself in checking the memories of last night. She was there in my mind. She was! I tried finding her on Instagram and on other social platforms but was unlucky.

I reached office thinking about how to get in touch with her. The conversation we had last night had ended abruptly and I wanted to justify myself as well. I wanted to talk and to see her again. This was not desperation but an act of justification. I was not in love. Not yet.

While working, I thought about Instagram place stories and I checked the pub's public story. There I found her. She had put a story of her self-tagging the pub's location. The happiness couldn't have been more. Her name didn't appear earlier as she had some other username and there wasn't her name in the profile.

The thing about victory is when you finally reach your destination. I texted her there and she was swift enough to revert soon. There began the conversation that led to us being a couple. We dated for a while, I stopped smoking (things you do in love) and no sooner we were in each other's arms and cuddling and giving love to each other.

The dating phase was for a few days before we realized the feelings inside us. We have many selfies and many memories with them and the love has evolved. We are grateful, to the concept of selfie. The way it formed our love story from the first picture of her, the picture that connected me with her was a selfie, the one in the pub's story. I remember that floral corset with the denim paired jeans she wore. I remember the selfies we took together and the ones I still have and adore.

Technology has definitely helped me. Selfies to be precise. It was our way of finding love in us. Selfies are the ones we keep taking. We click weird selfies just to make fun of each other. We spread our love through selfies. My love story formed over a single selfie and led me to have an album of selfies.

Happy National Selfie Day!

With love,

Suzzane and Jacob

This was the story of Suzzane and Jacob with Jacob's self-written letter to me. Want your story to get published here? What is your selfie love story? Tell me or write to me to at to get the love story published as an article here. Share your thoughts in the comment section below. Let me know your insights on this story as well.

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    Story first published: Thursday, June 21, 2018, 16:07 [IST]
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