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    Find Out If It Is Love Or Infatuation. Follow These Tips

    Finding the love of your life? Well, are you certain of it being love? What if, it is just infatuation and not love? Is it love or infatuation and how to know? While it is perfectly possible to be happy in both the situations, but the better satisfaction comes when you fall in love with another soul. There is something special about sharing one's life with another, being in love, who truly knows and accepts the way his/her partner is and even the flaws they carry.

    The difference between love and infatuation is that love has more perceived sense and depth of feeling of being together for a person while infatuation is of a shallow state. Both have an extreme level of obsession and intensity for the one they like and love.

    love or infatuation

    Infatuation is for a short period of time and it doesn't last long. It is the state of being lost in the complete obsession of emotion of unreasoning desire. Infatuation mostly happens at the beginning of a relationship when sexual attraction is central or at peak. Infatuation refers to urgency, anxiety, sexual desire and abandoning what was once valued. Infatuation is all about consuming the lust that drives us towards someone.

    On the other hand, love is the beauty of a feeling. It is the sense of understanding another soul without even having to ask. It is the feeling of intense and deep affection. Love mostly refers to compassion. Kindness, faithfulness, loyalty and confidence. It is all about giving and not expecting anything in return. The willingness to sacrifice is love. Love is all about the commitment that you give.

    Let's see the signs that give you the idea if you are in love or in an infatuation.

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    1. You Cannot Take Your Eyes Off Them

    When you keep looking at the person constantly, you are likely to fall for them. This is an observable type of romantic language spoken by the eyes itself. When a man particularly falls in love, shows this kind of tendency. Prolonged eye contact with someone makes you more romantically inclined towards them. Typically it has been seen, when strangers long eyes at each other they tend to attract each other.

    2. You Constantly Think About Them

    A man in love will always look for the women in his thoughts. It is also applicable for a woman. Human beings have a tendency to think and overthink. This happens when you fall in love as well. You constantly start thinking about them. When a person is falling in love, they are likely to find themselves hovering in their thoughts while the thoughts basically are about the person they are falling in love with. Everything they see and hear will remind them of the other person. They will gladly begin to muse about them the moment they wake up in the morning.

    3. Unsteady Emotion

    Unsteady emotion is a key part of falling deep in love when one is in the beginning stages. It makes one switch emotion within seconds. Sometimes one will be energetic and sometimes dull, and the next minute one may be drowning in anxiety about whether the other person feels the same way or not.

    4. Intensity Of Attraction Increases

    One can gain deeper insight into feelings for someone by considering whether they have been through some type of bond-forming experience with them. One is more likely to develop an intense romantic attraction to someone if they have faced any difficulty together. This suggests if one has been in some kind of scary situation with someone or has made a connection with them will fall in love definitely.

    These are the signs you need to figure out to know you are in love and not infatuation.

    Story first published: Tuesday, July 17, 2018, 10:09 [IST]
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