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Preparing for your first date can be very intriguing

By Soham Senapati   

In this fast-moving world, dating has become the pace of relationships. It shows the path for two individuals to find the requirement in one another, over a cup of coffee or by glancing at each other.

Dating can be a tricky business for men. Where to go? What to do? What clothes to wear? How will it go? There are endless and more confusing questions that take refuge in our minds before, during and after the date, which is the reason for me to write this blog for all of you to have a sigh of relief. First date should go as planned and should always be a success.

So, here's the list to all your necessities regarding dating.

1. Be Yourself:-

Be as you are normally. Trying to overshadow the real you would be a turn off for the girl if she gets a minute hint of it. Don't be nervous and weird. Keep the date subtle and enjoy being the real version of yourself.

This would lead to the initial foundation of your stepping stone to make her feel comfortable and it would be easier for you later on.

2. First Impressions Should Be Impactful:-

Having a cool attitude might get you lucky but wearing a cool outfit like ripped jeans and shabby t-shirt would be the worst impression for her.
Take my suggestion, act more classy in your look.

According to the time of the day, choose the outfit. If it is lunch time, Go for a formal or a semi formal attire. If it is during the evening time, then wear something casual but not too casual. A pair of denims and a solid colour polo t-shirt would be a great combo.

3. The Date Place Should Be In Your Comfort Zone:-

Always take the control of the situation and take the lead to choose the place of meet. This makes the girl feel better, as she seeks for someone to take control. Plus, knowing the place gives your nervous system some relaxation. This helps a lot.

4. Be Confident In Your Approach:-

Women love to see confidence in men. If you are going on a date and seem to be nervous and less confident, it might be a big 'NO' from her side for further dates. Talk about topics that show your enthusiasm. She will get to know that you are passionate in knowing her. This shows her your level of confidence.

5. Have A Free Flow Conversation:-

Keeping up with the conversation and listening to her will let her open up more about herself. Let the flow continue and keep putting up topics in front of her to let her open up her inner thoughts.
Having a free flow conversation makes the girl feel comfortable and let's you into her personal thoughts.

6. Bring Etiquettes To The Show :-

If you want to secure the first date making her want more, remember you need to show your etiquettes to her. Women judge men based on their behaviour and etiquettes.
Remember, the next time you need to hold the door, pull the chair, etc. They might look old school; but trust me, they take you way ahead with your dating skills.

7. Learn To Compliment:-

Compliment never fails to amuse girls. Girls put in a lot of effort to look good for a date, and if they don't receive a compliment, they tend to have a set back. You don't want a set back. Remember to compliment.

8. Never Talk About The Future:-

Guys brag a lot about what they want to do in future. Stop it. Girls don't want to know and seriously not in the first date. Let her be with you for a few more dates and then you can probably open up about your future.

These are the most basics of the basic dating rules you need to follow while going on a date or a 'first date'. Remember it's all about being subtle and energetic about portraying who you are. Don't do anything over or under. Keep it steady and you are set to rock.

Happy dating, fellas!

Feel free to drop in your feedback in the comment section.

Story first published: Wednesday, March 21, 2018, 11:00 [IST]
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