Why Some Women Prefer Beards

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Not all women are alike. So, we cannot generalise that all women like or dislike beards. But yes, there are some women who like beards for many reasons. We shall discuss them.

Firstly, the reason behind some women hating beards could be the kind of sensation that stubble creates when kissing. Stubble which is 2 days old can pierce like needles on the skin when kissing. That irritates any woman.

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But a well-kept beard which is shampooed and conditioned regularly can be soft on the woman's skin. Read on...


Fact #1

Some studies claim that if a woman's father or grandfather had beard, she might naturally feel that only bearded men are attractive.

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Fact #2

In many surveys, some women claimed that they like beards for the kind of sensation they create when they are rubbed against the skin.

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Fact #3

As beard acts as an extension to the outline of the face, it gives a masculine look. This subconsciously attracts women.


Fact #4

A beard also signifies maturity. Most of the women feel secure in the company of a mature man.


Fact #5

If you compare before and after pictures of a man with beard and without beard, you might feel that a beard can make a man look stronger.


Fact #6

Some women simply hate the clean shaved look of men as it looks girlish to them.

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Story first published: Friday, January 20, 2017, 9:18 [IST]
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