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Kiss Day: Why Kissing In Rain Is Romantic?

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Today is the kiss day in the valentine's week. A kiss is the most beautiful way of letting your body express the love you have for your partner.

When words fail to explain, a kiss can communicate better. When a sorry fails to cool your partner down, a kiss can do the job well.

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There are a million reasons why kisses really work well. But today, let us discuss why a kiss in the rain is romantic.


Reason #1

You can see your soul mate in wet clothes! Just imagine him or her in wet clothes.

Imagine the wetness slightly revealing your partner's inner garments? Isn't it a romantic sight? That's the best thing about a kiss in the rain!

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Reason #2

Rain drops shed pretensions. Rain makes your spirit free. Drenching can gear you up for an adventure!


Reason #3

As you get wet, you will stop worrying about your hair or looks. That accelerates your moods and makes you go wild. No worries, more pleasure.

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Reason #4

A kiss inside a room is a normal experience. But a kiss in the rain is not a daily possibility.

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You either need to do it on your terrace or under a tree in a park. Wherever you do, the worry of who is watching you, will 'turn you on' fast.


Reason #5

Throughout your life, you have seen rain songs in movies. Now it is your chance to kiss in the rain. Isn't that romantic?

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Reason #6

As rain drops make you shiver, your hugs get tighter for warmth. So, your kiss gets intense and deeper.

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Story first published: Monday, February 13, 2017, 11:39 [IST]
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