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What Makes You Attractive?

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Most of us wonder why a guy or a girl in the college or workplace gets all the attention. We also wonder why we get attracted to someone without any obvious reason.

What Makes You Attractive

We are 'wired' to get attracted to certain human traits. Yes, biology comes into the picture as it dictates some of our likes and dislikes.

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Human beings are programmed to perceive certain aspects of the human body as attractive or unattractive. Here are they:


Fact #1

A study suggests that human beings first get attracted to a beautiful face. A face that is symmetrical tends to hook us in the first meeting itself.

Now, we can understand why celebrities go for nose job and lip job. They are trying to bring more symmetry to the facial features in order to look attractive.


Fact #2

This study also says that we unconsciously notice and analyse the shape of the overall body of the opposite sex.

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And if that person has an attractive shape, we obviously get attracted to that person on an unconscious level.


Fact #3

Certain other factors like healthy (youthful) looks and good posture tend to keep us notice a person of the opposite sex.

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Fact #4

Have you ever been attracted to someone only because of voice? Well, even voice plays a role in attraction. Men get attracted to sweet female voices whereas women love deep male voices.


Fact #5

You might not believe this, but a person who can run long distances can look attractive! In fact athletic performance can boost testosterone levels. Also, running keeps you in shape. In men, running also boosts sperm count.


Fact #6

In this modern world, intelligence and wisdom have also become features that attract the opposite sex.

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Fact #7

Last but not the least, social status and wealth do play a role today when it comes to attraction. But wait, money alone may not help in strengthening the bond though it may make you look like a prospective match.

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