What Kills Mood In Bed

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Knowingly or unknowingly, we all commit certain bed mistakes which can spoil a partner's mood instantly. Of course, we all learn lessons with time.

When you are young, it is easy to again get back to the mood but as you age, it will take time to again recharge yourself to start the whole game from square one.

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That is why it is better to know what upsets your partner and what spoils your mood so that you can avoid such things in bed. Here are some examples.


She Looks At The Ceiling Without Any Expression

On one side, when you're trying to give your best to make her happy, if you suddenly notice her blankly staring at the ceiling, it is better to stop it and go to sleep. Maybe, she isn't interested in the moment or got distracted by some other worry.


She Falls Asleep

When a man is seriously making love and suddenly notices that the woman fell asleep, he would surely find it funny but sometimes it happens. Yes, it spoils your mood, but don't wake her up.

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She Answers Her Mom's Phone

You put your phone on silent mode but when you start making love, her phone rings and she answers the call! Yes, it spoils your mood but let her speak to her mom.


You Suddenly Whisper Your Ex's Name In Her Ear

When you are experiencing intense joy, you would like to hug her tight and whisper her name in her ear with passion.

But what if you utter your ex's name by mistake? Well, her mood gets upset instantly!

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She Pushes You Away

When she reaches a point of ecstasy and isn't able to handle it anymore, she may suddenly push you away. Of course, it kills your mood when you fall on the floor. But at least congratulate yourself for taking her to the peaks of ecstasy!


She Bites Or Scratches You Till You Bleed

Intense biting and scratching could spoil the mood if it occurs to the point of bleeding.

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You Mishandle Her

Women need to be handled with care. If you don't handle her delicately, her mood will be spoiled immediately.

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