Mood Swings? Handle With Care...

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Men think that only women have mood swings. No, anyone can undergo mood swings at times due to many reasons.

If you are in a relationship, it is better to know how to handle your partner's mood swings. The ability to handle such situations decides how long you can stay stable with anyone.

At the end of the day, a man who can look beyond the situation, who doesn't take things personally and who doesn't get agitated will score better in relationships.

If you just be patient for a few minutes, you will look more desirable to your partner later. She will reward you with a hug and a passionate kiss. Read on...


Don't Take Them Personally

Yes, she isn't against you. She must be undergoing a lot. It could be work stress, other frustrations, hormonal issues, your incompetency or anything else that irritated her.


Allow Her To Talk

Don't interrupt her flow. Let her talk. Let her vent out all her frustration. Be silent and nod your head.


Agree With Her POV

Agree with her point of view. Be patient. Later on, you can explain your point of view when she is normal. When she is agitated, she may not have the patience to listen to your side of the story. In fact, if you contradict her, she may turn furious or break down. It doesn't help.


See If You Can Help

After she finishes talking, see if you can help her in anyway. Ask whether she wants a coffee. Or give her some dark chocolate as it boosts her mood.


Leave If She Is Too Angry

What if she is too angry? Well, it is wiser to leave the place if you have failed to make her normal. Simply say you love her and leave.


Send Her A Text

After leaving, send her a text asking her to call if any help is needed. Also, tell her how much you love. Tell that you are eager to see her text or call very soon. It makes her understand that you are still by her side.


Try To Pamper Her

When you are away from her, think of a way to pamper her. When you see her next time, if you pamper her, she will feel good. If your relationship doesn't need such things, skip this step.


Don't Dig Graves

On the next day, behave as if nothing had happened. Don't even talk about any issue or argument of the previous day. When love strengthens, things will be normal soon.

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Story first published: Monday, February 6, 2017, 18:27 [IST]
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