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Tips To Mend Your Broken Heart & Be Happy No Matter What!

By Needhi Gandhi

Love is magical and would be the only thing that has been explained by people from many verticals, but still nobody could give the exact description about the feelings that one possess in love. There is a saying that "Love is Blind" and it is because a person in love cannot see anything wrong about his or her partner.

The passion involved in love is different from person to person, but one thing is sure, every person shows the maximum passion towards love. However, love is also full of pain and when you open up for love; you need to have the courage to face the consequences that might happen when your heart is broken in love.

Well, this article is dedicated for the people who have lost their love and are trying to recover from the most painful situation. Let us discuss about a few tips that can help you recover from a broken heart. This article is the outcome of many counseling sessions performed on people with a broken heart, so we're assuming it will really help those in need.


Emotions Are Never Delusional

The first thing that you need to understand is that your love, emotions and feelings were not delusional. May be your relationship did not last that long but all your feelings were real. Most of the broken-heart people curse themselves for being foolish or stupid, but in reality that is not true at all.


Gift Of Life

Life is a big mystery and in the path of life, you would be getting many gifts from it and Love is one of the best gifts or blessings. It is true that if your relationship ends, then it is very painful but it actually makes you more wiser and stronger. You realize the true value of love and being loved.


Everything Happens For Good

You might have heard it many times that life is a teacher, so always remember whatever happens in your life or whoever comes into your life, enters for a reason. May be it is the way life wanted you to evolve as a better person or to evolve your consciousness. End of a love relationship is not your failure. It might be a beginning to a great new career, opportunities or a start of a new relationship that might change you for good. You never know, so be happy!


Don’t Ruin Your Present By Thinking About Your Past

This is a very important tip that everybody should follow, especially those with a broken heart. As a relationship ends, most of the people go into a depression mode, thinking about past, as they feel insecure about their future. However, you should not worry about it, there will be somebody meant to be with you, may be better than what you had in past, may be you have to wait for the right time.


Thoughts Of Anger And Revenge Are Your Enemy

Anger and revenge have never got anything good for anybody and love never teaches you anything related to revenge or anger. Your relation might have ended and you might be feeling that it is because of the mistake of your partner. However, you cannot win love or a heartbroken situation through anger or revenge. Anger will take you to depression, so if you want to move on in life, then shed all your anger and try to be calm.


Let It Go

Once your relation has ended, it is necessary that you move on and forget about the attachments you had in the past. You need to spend time and energy on somebody who deserves it, but not on somebody who left your company. If you want to make somebody as your priority, then you must make sure that you are not like an option to them.


Be With Family

You need to remember that let it be any kind of a situation, your family will always be by your side to support and help you. Same goes with your true friends, so try to spend more time with your family and friends. Try to avoid going to places that has connection with your past.


Time Will Heal

You need to understand one thing that time is the best healer of the biggest pain and a broken heart will also be healed with time. It is true that you face the unbearable pain because of love but this will only help you in healing the pain.


Hang Out With Friends

You get emotional, moral support from friends and they are the ones that can make you laugh in the toughest of situations. It's okay to cry your heart out and then when you feel good, you can plan outings.


Focus On Career

Focus on your career and become successful, it will make you happier from the inside, now that you do not have any distractions in life. No one can stop you from growing, so focus on your career like never before. Make yourself busy with work and in no time, you can get rid of the feelings that made you feel bad and vulnerable. Success brings self-confidence, happiness, money and lots of respect.

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Story first published: Friday, December 15, 2017, 12:45 [IST]
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