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Things To Do Before You Bring Your Girlfriend To Your Room!


You must have taken a lot of pains to invite your girlfriend to your room. Now that she has agreed to come to your place, you have a lot of work to do.

Yes, you need to make her feel home in your room and should also score a good impression by keeping it clean, right?

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Well, she will surely check your every inch of your room to get a clue of what kind of a person you are. So, be careful about the following things.


Remove The Photos Of Your Ex!

If you still have any of the pictures of your ex on a photo frame near your bed, remove it urgently or it could make matters worse for you!


Change The Wallpaper On Your Laptop And Desktop

If you have any dirty wallpaper on your laptop or desktop, change it before she comes to your room. Naked pictures as wallpapers could turn her off.

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Clean The Kitchen

If you can clean the kitchen and keep things ready to make her some coffee, you might score well.


Clean The Bathroom

A dirty bathroom will ruin all your efforts to make a good first impression. Therefore, keep it shining!

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Throw All Cigarette Butts Out

Cigarette butts make an ugly sight and also emit strong odours. Throw them out.


Keep A Beer Or Two In The Fridge

If she prefers a drink with you, keep one ready in the refrigerator.

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Spray Room Freshener

To make the room smelling fresh, either use a room freshener or light incense sticks.


Remove Wet Towels

Wet towels lying here and there would surely make her run away! Remove them and dry them out in the sunlight.

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Throw Condoms

A used condom lying in any corner of your room would be the most embarrassing sight for her. She will surely breakup with you if she sees such a thing. Throw it out.


Keep The Wall Clean

If you have wall posters of body builders or beautiful women, remove them and keep the wall clean if possible.

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As first impression is the best impression, do your best to make your girlfriend feel good in your room.