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How To Patch Up With Your Girlfriend?

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Breaking up could be easy but patching up needs courage and wisdom. Of course, when you are breaking up with an abusive partner, you never need to look back. But what if you just broke up with someone who is your soul mate?

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Would you like to lose someone valuable? Do you still stay away from her due to your big fat ego? Or would you put your ego aside and take measures to again rebuild the relationship? Losing valuable relationships is foolish. Ego could damage a beautiful life.

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Well, it all depends upon how much you value a relationship and what you are willing to do to get back to her. Firstly, take some time out and reflect about the relationship. And then, you can start taking the steps to woo her back into your life. Here are some tips....


Realise What Went Wrong

Just realise what went wrong. Don't go too deep and anlayse everything. You just need to be prepared to say sorry in order to patch up. Nothing more, nothing less. Don't keep digging the past inside your head.


Put A Status Message On FB Or Whatsapp

Write a meaningful line that expresses your love towards her and put it as your status message. She must be able to understand that you want her back through your messages.


Go To A Place Where She Frequents

Try to be in her proximity for a few minutes and see whether she looks at you. Try to sense her moods. Is she still angry with you?


Tell Her How Much You Miss Her Through A Common Friend

If you can't approach her directly, at least find a common friend and tell him or her how much you miss her. He or she may carry the message to her. But in love, it is better to be direct and straight forward instead of using a third person to carry your message.


Order Some Flowers And Get Them Shipped To Her Place

You can also send a gift along with a letter that explains how much you miss her.


Send A Mail

Express yourself freely through a mail. Ensure that you tell her how much you regret the break up and request her to be back in your life. For better results, put your ego aside while writing.


Giver Her A Chance To Say Something

Meet her directly and express your regrets. Let her speak and try to be a good listener. Sometimes, keeping your mouth shut can work wonders!


Hug Her

Give a tight hug! A hug is mandatory in patch up sessions as it can heal a million wounds in a jiffy! A hug never fails!

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