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Did You Annoy Him?

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Generally, when men get annoyed, they just need a day or two to become normal again. In fact, it is good to give some space so that they come back with more affection.

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When you are too intrusive in a relationship during the first stages, a man could get irritated. Also, when you seldom let a man dive into your heart, but expect him to be your soul mate, it could irritate him.

In any relationship, suffocating the other person too much isn't advisable. Women who are in their teens tend to do such mistakes as they need more time to understand what irritates a man and what keeps a man happy.

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So, in this article, let us discuss why your boy friend was irritated.


Did You Comment On His Dress?

Some men hate to take feedback about their looks or dressing style. So, if you have told him how funny his red shirt looks, he must have felt offended.


Did You Talk To His Ex?

If you have made friends with his ex, he would constantly worry what kind of secrets you would extract by talking to his ex. Yes, he gets annoyed.


Did You Talk Too Much?

Men need their time. If you have been eating his head talking too much, he would easily get annoyed.


Did You Irritate Him With Your Texts?

When a man is busy with his work, he would hate any distractions. If you have texted him and demanded his attention when something else was going in his workplace then it would surely annoy him.


Did You Crave For Too Much Attention?

A man would happily give attention to his woman. But expecting attention all the time isn't practical. So, that would have annoyed him.


Did You Blame Him For Your Mood Swings?

When you are undergoing mood swings, it is common to throw your frustration at others. But if you had done the the same with your boyfriend, many times, then he would naturally get annoyed.


Did You Force Him To Quit Drinking?

Generally, all women would want to change a man when he is becoming a slave to addictions. But the process should be slow. If you force him to quit all of a sudden he may quit the relationship first.

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