Signs He Wants To End Your Relationship

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It is quite disheartening when you are in a relationship and are not sure if your partner is just being moody or if he is actually trying to drop clues about ending the relationship.

Sometimes, we tend to overlook at the signs that our partner has been hinting about the breakup, as we may tend to be blinded by the love factor.

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But learning about these hints and signs on ending the relationship is quite important too, as you would not be shocked on one fine day!

So, find out about the signs which show that your partner wants to end the relationship!


Priorities Change!

Once things are settled in the relationship, you would find that you are no longer a priority and other things slowly start to get important than the relationship. Though it is not necessary that it happens every time, but if it becomes habitual, then it is one of the biggest signs to show your partner wants to end the relationship.


If Your Relationship Is A Long Distance One

If the phone calls get less frequent and shorter, or the conversations become less meaningful, then it is time you work on the relationship or be ready for the storm that would end the relationship.


When They Are Slowly Pulling Back

From calls and texts becoming less frequent to being less available for regular activities and doing this on purpose until things just naturally drizzle out can be sure-shot signs that they are withdrawing themselves from you.

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They Stop Asking About Your Day!

When they are least interested in knowing what is happening around you or even fail to ask you as to how your day was, then it is an alarming sign, my friend!

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When Dating Becomes A Group Thing!

When your partner limits the time that you both spend together alone and makes plans only when a group is involved, it is a sign that he/she is trying to phase the relationship out. So, watch out!

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