Signs You Are Afraid Of Being In A Relationship!

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Life is sorted when you have a perfect partner and things fall in its place. Getting a perfect partner is not an easy task; and when you have found the perfect match, there would be something that would hold you back!

Are you scared of being in a committed relationship? Or do you have fear about the commitment regarding your partner, or are you wondering what is holding you back and restricting you from being in a relationship? Then, this piece of article is perfect for you!

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Listed here are some of the interesting points and signs which prove that you are afraid of being in a relationship.

Find out these signs, as they would clear the air of commitment fear from your mind.


Your Past Still Haunts You

No matter how perfect your present is and how happy you are with your present partner, there would be times when you would think of your haunting past, and this would be something that would stop you from being committed completely into the relationship.


Trust Issues

These trust issues would pop up if you have had an ugly past with your ex. Until then, there would be no trust issues that would wander around in your mind. So, one needs to give up on it and make sure that they erase their past from their minds and learn to accept the present.


Feeling Trapped!

This is something you feel, that your life is restricted, when you are in a relationship with a partner. If your partner monitors your every move or demands an explanation for every small thing, then it is high time you think about the relationship.


Scared Of Breaking Up

The fear of losing them as a partner can hold you back from commitment, as you might not be sure of their feelings. To clear the air, you need to talk to them and express about your feelings.


Need Your “Me Time”

You are scared of sharing your "me time" with others, and this might hold you back from being committed. As relationships need your time, you need to be sorted on this, as it can cause further problems.


Fear Of Social Life Commitment!

This is one of the biggest fears that most of us have. Once you are in a relationship, the chances of flirting around or even being friends with the opposite sex will be restricted. So, this can also hold back one from being committed.

These are some of the signs that you are afraid of being in a relationship. If you have any other points to be shared, then you can mention the same in the comment section below!

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Story first published: Tuesday, January 24, 2017, 10:44 [IST]
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