How To Know If He's A Gentleman?

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Choosing a man is a very important decision as he can make your life beautiful or hell depending upon his nature. The best men are the ones who show respect to women and other fellow beings.

A man who is average is better than a handsome man who shows tons of ego and attitude. A gentleman is better than a rich, arrogant man who insults everyone.

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A sensible man is better than a crazy guy who runs after women only for pleasures. Of course, most of you know how to stay away from men of bad quality. Now, let us discuss how to spot a gentleman...


Sign #1

A gentleman never brags about his achievements, affairs or private life. He doesn't try to give statements about his life or his lifestyle.


Sign #2

He shows interest in helping others. He tries to open the door for you or drag a chair for you. If you are having dinner with him, he never hesitates to serve you.

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Sign #3

He doesn't react if someone is excessively rude to him. He acts as if nothing has happened and simply moves on.


Sign #4

He never fights with anyone in the public or private whether it is his enemies or an ex who tries to pick up a fight with him.


Sign #5

Unless you reveal anything to him, he never asks you about your private life. He never believes in judging or labeling people as good or bad based on their past.


Sign #6

He tries to start the conversation with a compliment and makes you feel easy in his company. He believes that compliments are better than complaints.

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Sign #7

You feel special in his company as he makes you feel good with his words and gestures. Such a man could be an ideal choice.

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Story first published: Monday, January 16, 2017, 11:22 [IST]
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