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Signs Your Partner Enjoys Your Touch

Whether you are a man or a woman, you would surely like to be at your best when you are in the bed with your loved one. You would like to give your best of the efforts to offer pleasure.

But sometimes, you might wonder whether your partner is really enjoying your touch or is just acting in order to make you feel good.

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Though you want feedback, your partner might not be honest as he or she wouldn't want to disappoint you with negative feedback. So, here are some non-verbal signs that your partner is happy with your touch.


Sign #1

Read the body language of your partner during foreplay. There is a peculiar way the human body reacts when a loved one touches. Try to sense whether it is there. One can't fake love.


Sign #2

Check for certain signs. Did her temperature rise? Is she wet? Did she start breathing fast?

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Sign #3

In case of men, you can know whether he is enjoying your touch by the hardness of his manhood.


Sign #4

Grip is another sign. When a man or a woman is enjoying pleasure, they tend to grip their partners with more pressure to express the intensity of love.


Sign #5

When pleasure intensifies one may also close eyes to enjoy the impact with more focus.

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Sign #6

Sweating is another sign that your partner is trying to work hard to offer pleasure.


Sign #7

Moans and groans are a good clue. But what is she is faking those sounds? Well, when you see her gasping for breath before each moan she could be enjoying it.


Sign #8

If she tries to pull you close towards her with all her strength, she must be enjoying it.

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Sign #9

Biting or scratching with nails is also a sign that she is having a good time.


Sign #10

The best clue that she is in tune with you is: she will start going wild leaving behind all her inhibitions.

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Story first published: Friday, January 27, 2017, 11:59 [IST]
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