Importance Of Touch In A Relationship: Why You Need To Touch Your Partner Daily

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Technology can help us connect with each other even from distant places but it can never substitute the power of intimate touch.

It is a fact that people who don't have anyone to touch them affectionately may feel lonely and slowly slip into depression. The role of a loving touch can never be underestimated as it is one of the oldest ways of communicating with each other.

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It is more powerful than language and has more impact than medicines too. A loving touch is one of the most beautiful things human beings can experience on this planet.


Fact #1

A touch communicates more than what words can communicate. Even if you send a hundred "Love you" texts to your boyfriend, they can't match the impact of going straight to him and giving him a hug! Right?


Fact #2

Many surveys claim that 70% of the couples who fight frequently seldom touch each other on a regular basis. When a relationship is devoid of affectionate touch, it gets uglier.

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Fact #3

A touch is the best way to develop intimacy. How else would you tell how much your partner means to you?


Fact #4

Even science didn't fully discover why we feel good when a loved one touches. Imagine all the euphoric sensations you have experienced when your soul mate cuddles with you.

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Fact #5

A touch heals emotional wounds too. It can do miracles to the mind, heart and the body.


Fact #6

A touch transfers positive energy. The impact of the intimate touch works for hours and may be days together. Your moods get elevated and you perceive the world in a beautiful way.

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Fact #7

A touch can stop even the toughest arguments. In the middle of an argument, if your partner suddenly hugs you, would you still feel like ranting? Your thoughts would suddenly slow down and your mind dissolves in ecstasy!

Story first published: Wednesday, January 25, 2017, 9:52 [IST]
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