Why Do Women Love Cuddling?

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Why do women love cuddling? Men crave a lot for intercourse whereas women ask for long periods of cuddling. They would love to get cozy. But why?

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Every action and every motive of every living thing has some scientific reason behind it. We tend to do what gives us pleasure. And your pleasure comes from certain chemicals that are released in your brain.

Putting aside the scientific side of the act, there are also many romantic reasons behind women craving for cuddling. What this simple act can do to relationships could be surprising.

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Many small sweet moments strengthen the bond in the big picture. Now, lets us look into the reasons why women carve for cuddling....


They Feel Loved

During cuddling, your woman feels loved and cared for. The warmth of two bodies touching each other makes her feel comfortable.


They Feel Attractive

Any woman would love to feel attractive and cuddling does exactly that to a woman. When you passionately bring her into your arms, she feels proud of her beauty for a while.


It Releases Oxytocin

This is the scientific reason. Women feel good when they cuddle simply because feel-good chemicals are released in their brain when they cuddle.


Makes Them Feel Secure

Cuddling makes women feel secure. That is the moment when they put aside all their fears and stay in the moment.


After Intercourse...

Generally, men sleep after finishing the act and this annoys women. But when a man cuddles after intercourse, it makes the woman feel that the man cares more for her than the comforts that she offers.


Relieves Her From Stress

A woman can forget about everything and melt in the arms of her man during cuddling as it relaxes her and relieves her from stress.


Intimacy And Assurance

Cuddling enhances the intimacy between the couple and it also provides assurance to the woman. In fact, women love cuddling more than the actual intercourse.

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