Reasons Why Men Want Only Sex

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Many women wonder why men want only 'that'. And many men wonder why women come up with excuses like headache.

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Research reveals that women value love and care more than anything else; but men crave more for the physical act first. But wait, men are capable of love but they take time to develop it.

Why is it so? Well, males and females are wired differently. Yes, they are different in certain aspects. Instead of misunderstanding each other, if men and women try to look into the roots and origins of human evolution, they will be able to enjoy their lives better.

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Now, let us look into certain factors that have brought the 'womaniser' image to men.


Why Humans Need ‘That'

There is one hormone that is responsible for the desire to get into the bedroom- its testosterone. While men have it more, women have it nearly 19.9 times lesser than males!


Women Can Live Without ‘That' For...

Research reveals that men feel deprived if they don't get enough of ‘THAT' for 20 continuous days, while women can live without ‘THAT' for one year!!!


Why Men Crave Multiple Partners...

The law and financial resources don't allow polygamy but many men have an innate desire to spread their seed far and wide.


Women Like Male Admirers While Men Love Girlfriends

Women would want to mate with the best man who can be a good father and therefore they look for the best male admirer around them while men are more concerned about which girlfriend allows them to do it.


Quantity Matters For Men While Quality Matters For Women

Men are bothered only about how many times they can get ‘that' whereas women are bothered more about how much they can enjoy every single experience.


Men Need To Get Rid Of The Built Up Tension

Yes this is a physical problem that males face. They have to ease the pressure inside them that testosterone creates. So, they may just seek an outlet sometimes without bothering much about love.


Men Develop Feelings After That Experience

Yes, some men fall in love after physical intimacy happens whereas women first fall in love and only then, allow a man to touch them.

Though all of the above reasons may not be applicable to all men and women, they are true for a majority of men and women.

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