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What's Cute And What's Hot?

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Men find some women as cute and some as hot. Cute and hot are just labels. Ultimately, men love women. But women are more interested to know what makes them look hot or cute.

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The way a woman carries herself, her dress, her behaviour, attitude, voice and overall personality- all of these play a role in shaping her image in the eyes of men.

At the end of the day, though looks and labels do exist in our minds, they don't dictate strength of relationships. This is because all relationships thrive on deeper connections between men and women.

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So, looks and labels exits only on the surface. Once you go deeper in relationships, only bonding exists. Now, let us discuss what's hot and what's cute according to men.



Yes, innocent girls are cute. Guys find simple, innocent girls who carry an air of kindness cute.


Girly Girls

Some girls are girly, which means more feminine. Shy girls are also cute. Some men love such women.



A girl who is always in a playful mood is also cute. Also, some girls seem cute because of their voices. Even voice plays a role in making you look cute.



Some nerdy girls have an air of cuteness because of some unknown reason. Men find such girls really cute.



Girls who flaunt their curves without any inhibition are surely hot. And men die to look at hot women.



Yes, some confident women look super hot just because of the fearless air they carry. Strength makes some women look hot.



There is something hot and sexy about independent women. They look powerful and this is why men find them hot.



Many women don't know that their intelligence can turn on some men. Some men perceive intelligent women as too hot.

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