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Valentine's Fever: Best Proposal Ideas To Try This Month

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February! It's the month of celebration. When love is in the air, you seem to be on cloud nine! This is the month when we all start planning for the Great #"Valentine's Day". If you are planning to propose your special one, this is the right time to do it.

When it comes to being romantic, men fail to impress and woo their girl. So, they need to be enlightened with some creative ideas that they can use to impress their lady love and, of course, make the day even more special for the lucky lady.

Most of the girls do not want the ordinary scenario with a rose and "bending-down-on-your-knee" kind of a proposal. Though this is a classic style, there are other romantic ways of proposal as well. Times have changed, guys!

In this article, we are here to share some of the best proposal ideas that you can try this month. These unique ideas are not only effective but are also very special when it comes to making this day special.

So, try these unique proposal ideas and make your day special. Read on to know more.


Choose A Favourite Place

Choose a significant and a special place where you guys would love to hangout. This can be from the most common places that you visit or that dream holiday venue. This would make her feel more special.


Propose During A Movie Break

Make a short movie, which compiles all of the special moments that you guys have shared and finally pop the question! Try this trick, and we sure it would melt your sweetheart's little heart.


Get A Proposal T-Shirt

With everything available these days on the net, you can customise a t-shirt, which has her name on it along with the proposal scribbled on it. We are sure she is going to find this way of proposal to be really cute!


Radio Proposal

Girls love it when their man goes a little overboard in expressing his feelings. Expressing your love when thousands of listeners are listening to you when you propose to her is surely a very unique idea, don't you think, guys?


Banner Proposal

Make a banner with her pet name and the "most important question". You can choose a flying banner and place it near her window of her office or home. For sure, this gesture of yours is gonna make her blush!


Up Above In the Sky

While you guys are flying for your holiday destination, you can pop the question in mid air with the loudspeakers. What more can she ask for?


Sing A Song For Her

Pen down your emotions for her and sing a song while you guys are in a gathering. For sure, this would make your girl go weak in the knees. Ain't it?


Group Picture

What better way to propose her when she is surrounded by her family and friends. Take a "groupie" while you hold a placard with your question. This is going to be really special for her, as she is with her loved ones around!


Flash Mob

Take her out to a mall where you set a flash mob dance to make the event special. And, make sure, you do grove a bit and then pop the question. With this, we are sure she is going to love what you've just done for her!


Bake A Cake

You do not have to be a pro in cooking for this. Try your hand in baking and bake a cake with the question on it. Reveal it while you guys share a cosy dinner. For sure, there would be some champagne popping up for celebrations!

If you have any more ideas, you can share them with us in the comment section below and All the best for your moment :)

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