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How To Ask For A Kiss On Valentine's Day

Many men wonder how to ask for a kiss. On valentines day, love is in the air. If you have successfully convinced any girl to come out on a date, half of your job is done. You only need to think about how to ask for a kiss on the first date. Well, there are some ways to do that.

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In fact, asking for a kiss is totally different compared to tuning a girl to a stage where you get the kiss naturally without even having to ask for it. Well, let us discuss about the same. But before going further, just remember that some plans can backfire too. In that case, you just need to apologise and go home to forget about it. Don't get depressed if you fail in winning the heart of the girl. Failures are part of any story. And it just means that your kiss deserves better lips. Now, lets discuss how to ask for a kiss.


Dental hygiene first

This is very important. Bad breath can spoil her day and turn her off. Take a mint to freshen your breath. It is better if you can abstain from smoking on valentines day if you respect your girlfriend's pleasure.


Choose the right place

The right place matters a lot. The place should be romantic, cool and a pleasant one. It should not be too crowded and at the same time, it should not be too lonely because the girl might get scared to come with you.


Ensure that she is comfortable

Start a conversation and first ensure that she is comfortable. A girl must be first in the comfort zone in order to open up.


Flirt and see her reaction

Once she is comfortable in a conversation, start flirting mildly. Be very sensitive. See her reactions. If she slaps you, you can run away. Is she blushing? Then she must be okay with your flirting; take it a step further.


Talk about romantic movies

It is a good idea to discuss romantic movies because of two reasons. The topic will gradually shift to romance and you can also know about the girl's views about romance through that discussion.


Tell that you like the lips of a heroine

This is how you can indirectly convey that you are horny. Are you wondering how to ask for a kiss from a girl? Well, read on.


Praise her beauty and then lips

Without praising a woman, you will get 'nothing'. You must first make her feel proud of her beauty. Stay busy in doing so. Praise her lips and her looks in general. Also, tell her that she is a 'beauty with brains'. Some women love to feel like an 'intelligent beauty'.


Look into her eyes

Intensely look into her eyes. She will get the clue. Prepare her for the kiss by looking at her lips. She will understand what you are up to. Watch her reactions.


Get close to her face and see her reaction

Move inch by inch and watch her reactions. If she is not opposing any of your moves then you can go a bit further.


Kiss her

This is the moment where you can directly brush your lips with hers. Are you still wondering how to ask for a kiss on the first date? Well, you don't need to ask, you need to just kiss when the time is right. Of course, this applies only if the girl likes you.



If you are lucky, she will kiss you too. Enjoy it and go home to roll on the bed all the night thinking about her.

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