Do All Women Like Oral Pleasures?

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In the bed room, nothing can be generalised. This is because everyone will have their own set of preferences. And when you are not sensitive to your partner's needs or ignore his or her preferences, making love would soon lose steam.

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Men think that all women love oral-methods of pleasure. But do they? Well, in a survey, more than a thousand women openly answered questions about their preferences as far as oral pleasures are concerned.

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If you wish to know what most of them said, read on....


Fact #1

A majority of women admitted that they love the sensation of tongue in the privates.


Fact #2

Some women said that when a guy goes down on them they would start feeling self-conscious as they worry whether the smell and sights down there could repel a man.


Fact #3

Some women said that they seldom feel anything during an oral session. They wonder whether there is anything wrong in not being able to enjoy it.


Fact #4

Some women said that they get distracted during that act. So, they stare at the ceiling when the man is busy near the privates.


Fact #5

One woman said that she would like her man to wake her up every day doing oral. According to her, that's the best way to start the day.


Fact #6

Some women said that they could orgasm only during oral and not through regular love-making efforts.


Fact #7

Some women openly admitted that they like to receive oral from women and not men! So, at the end of the day, it is all about individual preferences.

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