Travel And Know Your Compatibility With Your Partner

By: Pooja Kaushal
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Someone had said ‘I travel not to escape from life but to find life’. This can hold a world of meaning. If you plan to go traveling with your partner, you may learn a lot about each other; things you would never know when living the usual day-to-day life.

How traveling can be a test to your compatibility has been proven time and again by various researches undertaken by different organizations.

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Before you embark on your travel, the preface to the book begins. During the trip as each page turns the story unfolds. It could be a happy one or a tragic one. A lot depends upon both partners and how they react to situations.

While some couples happily go on to complete the book with a happy ending there are many who leave it midway.

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You may have been dating each other for quite some time but if you want to know if you are compatible when you travel, you need to take the test of travel. That one trip will help you understand each other better and know whether you are going to be happy together or not.

Travel And Know Your Compatibility

• Planning:
Who is planning the trip and is the other partner happy with the planning? Are you both doing it together taking into consideration each other’s views? Are both of you on the same ground with the selection of location, lodging, activity planning and other details of the trip? Many couples abandon the idea of the trip because of differences in planning.

• Emergencies: How do both of you handle emergencies? And how do both of you manage each other when faced with a problem? One of the two has to be level headed to take charge and guide the way. At the same time the other has to have faith and follow. If both fight over taking charge or shirk away, there is sure going to be a disaster in store.

Travel And Know Your Compatibility

• Reactions To Events: How traveling can a test to your compatibility is revealed in the manner in which each partner reacts to different situations. When away from home, nothing is familiar and one has to take that what comes along. One has to make things work and carry a cool head over his shoulder. Each partner should also be able to help each other and not overreact. When both act in harmony, the compatibility test is sure to be passed.

• Food Habits: It is not necessary that both partners have the same food habits. If both of you respect each other’s habits then it should not be a problem. It does become a problem when you cannot stand your partner’s food habits and impose your own upon him or her.

Travel And Know Your Compatibility

• Places Of Interest:
When traveling, there will be places of interest that you may want to visit. Do both of you wish to see those places? Do museums bore you while they excite him? Do you like to visit archaeological sites while he shirks away? Are you interested in nature trails while he or she is not?

• Interest In Activities: Just like places, the activities you choose to indulge in are also a test of your compatibility. Each one of us has our own interests and so will be the case with you and your partner. Even if an activity does not arouse equal amount of interest, are you willing to give it a try for the sake of your partner?

Travel And Know Your Compatibility

• Sleeping Habits:
This could bring out a lot of issues into the open. When sleeping neither of us has control over the situation. How do each of you react to the other’s sleeping conditions can make or break the situation. Do you or your partner snore? Do you have this habit of waking up repeatedly every night?

Traveling together can be fun if both partners consider the likes and dislikes of each other. If both of you are willing to accept each other for what they are without imposing personal choices and decisions then, life can be a cake walk. And when you consider how traveling can be a test to your compatibility, you can happily reply in the positive.

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Story first published: Sunday, October 4, 2015, 7:04 [IST]
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