Why Blaming Each Other Never Works

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Yes, blame game is injurious to your health and relationships too. Blaming each other can spoil your relationships and it is never going to make things better.

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Of course, we generally blame the other person to point out a mistake or throw an allegation. Sometimes, we do it with vengeance.

If you have such a habit in your work place then it is better to slow down to enrich your relationships. If you have the habit of blaming each other in marriage then you are inviting trouble.

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Blaming each other in a relationship can permanently damage the sweetness and beauty of the relationship. There are many couples who got separated after endlessly blaming each other. Let us get into the reasons now.

Why Blaming Each Other Never Works

Why Blaming Each Other Never Works

It Hurts Your Partner
Yes, nobody on this planet can be immune to blame. It hurts. So, your partner may either start reacting or may start sulking when you start blaming.

It Never Solves The Problem

It Never Solves The Problem
Blame game simply complicates the issue more. The main problem doesn't get solved as it turns into an ego issue between two people.

It May Make Your Partner Regret
If you have the habit of repeatedly blaming your partner, for every little thing, your partner may even sit and regret for being in a relationship with you.

The Distance Increases

The Distance Increases
Gradually, the distance between both of you may increase and the thought of breaking up may enter the head of your partner.

It is better to carefully approach some irritating issues instead of blaming each other. Yes, it is easier said than done but trying to be polite even when arguing can save a good relationship.

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Story first published: Sunday, September 27, 2015, 13:49 [IST]
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