How To Deal With An Abusive Girlfriend

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Are you with a reactive girlfriend? Well, it would surely be uncomfortable for anyone. Some people can get really abusive. They may suddenly scream or yell at others to throw away their frustration.

Signs He's Trying To Propose You

When such people get into relationships, they tend to yell at their partners. The future of the relationship depends a lot on how the partner takes such behaviour.

Well, some men tend to be passive, silent and such men don't retaliate when they are being yelled at. This makes their partners think that the rage is justified.

Signs Your Relationship Is Eternal

When the partner doesn't set limits to such wild behaviour, the woman may take it for granted and this may turn into a toxic relationship quite soon. So, how to handle an abusive girlfriend? Read on...

How To Deal With Your Reactive Girlfriend

How To Deal With An Abusive Girlfriend

Don't Be Silent
It applies to both men and women. Being silent about emotional abuse isn't healthy. In fact psychologists say that it can also be a sign of a disorder. So, when she shouts at you, don't choose to be silent.

Be Firm But Not Harsh

Be Firm But Not Harsh
Not being silent doesn't mean you start screaming at her. It just means that you stay firm on your stand without sounding harsh.

Express Your Opinion
In such a volatile situation, how you express yourself counts a lot. You need to have the right words to tell how upset you are with her behaviour. Also, indicating that such behaviour isn't going to be tolerated is also important.

Take Action

Take Action
Taking action implies taking the necessary steps to minimise such incidents in a relationship. If your opinions or grievances are not considered by her, walking out of such a relationship is healthier than staying silently facing the abuse.

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