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Signs He's Trying To Propose You


If a man loses focus on everything else and is totally into you then, it is one of the signs he wants to commit.

But how to know whether he is ready to marry you or at least approach you to propose you. Well, a guy's mind isn't rocket science especially if you are a woman who can sense the feelings of a man.

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In fact, men can't easily figure out women's heads but women can do the job very well. They can smell a man's feelings in a jiffy.

But still, if you are not aware of what's going on inside his head then read on. There are some ways to figure out what he is up to.

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But wait; after reading this thoroughly, if you feel that your man is trying to propose you, you have two options. If you are not interested, you can give him hate signals to repel him away. But if you are genuinely interested, try to send positive signals so that he will gather courage and soon make you feel special on this planet. He is just waiting for that moment. He is just trying to figure out a way to do so!


He Approaches You Often But Speaks Nothing

He has something to say, but he's scared how you might react. Though he comes to you in order to say something, he tends to be silent. Or he may try to talk about something else.


He Tries To Be Around You Most Of The Time

Of course, he wants to be in your lap all the time, but he can't do that. So, he tries to be around you for most of the time. This is because he gets pulled towards you.


He Keeps Observing Your Moods

He is concerned about your moods mainly because he is just waiting to express his feelings. When the time is right, he might simply propose to you.


He Tries To Read Every Action Of Yours

He seriously wants to know whether you like him or not. So, he tries to analyse the same by observing your words and actions.


He Tries To Know About Your Family

In the past, if he has ever asked casual questions about your family, then it means that he is seriously thinking about marrying you. In fact, this is one of the signs he wants to marry you.


He Gets Interested In Your Long Term Goals

If there is no conflict between a man's goals and a woman's long term goals then a relationship can go smoothly. That is why he tries to know about what you want form your life.


He Gets Concerned About Your Health

Occasionally, he inquires about your health. Even if you cough a little, he comes running to you only to ask 'how is your health?' It just means that he is genuinely concerned about you.


He Tries To Quit Smoking

Without your knowledge, he must be trying to quit all his bad habits just to ensure that his future with you goes smooth.


He Looks As If He Is Waiting For An Opportunity

Yes, throughout the day, he just thinks of one thing. How to propose you and how to find the right time to open up. If you have observed any of the above signs then you can just wait for that special moment. Of course, give him signals that indicate you are interested and he may open up sooner than ever!

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Story first published: Wednesday, September 23, 2015, 16:22 [IST]
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