Signs Of Relationship Burnout

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Firstly, what is relationship burnout? It is a stage in a relationship where nothing excites you and you feel exhausted with each passing day.

Generally, 'burnout' is a word that is more used to describe a tiresome feeling brought about by the work you do. It occurs when you no longer see any results for the intense hard work that you are putting in.

Signs He Isn't Interested Anymore

You tend to feel frustrated, pessimistic, and exhausted in the relationship when you reach this point. In fact, when you feel that you hit a road block then it is one of the signs of relationship burnout.

How to avoid relationship burnout? Well, though you can change certain things with your efforts, the results may or may not be in your hands especially if your partner is not in a mood to co-operate. Now, let us discuss more about this.

Signs Of Relationship Burnout

Signs Of Relationship Burnout

You Feel Awful
You lose interest in everything related to relationships. Your thirst for romance dies down totally. This is one sign to detect a burnout.

Everything Bores You

Everything Bores You
What was an enjoyable experience in the past seems boring now. Something in the relationship suddenly seems to be missing.

You Feel Drained
Every moment that you spend in the company of your partner seems so draining that you feel suffocated.

You Get Frustrated Everyday

You Get Frustrated Everyday
You may show your irritation on your partner and start finding faults in him or her almost everyday.

You Tend To See Only The Negative Side
If you are no longer able to see the positive side of the relationship then it is one of the signs you are suffering a burnout.

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Story first published: Wednesday, September 16, 2015, 21:03 [IST]
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