Things Men Should Never Do On A Date

By: Padmapreetham Mahalingam
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There is nothing worse in the world than when minute details of your persona gets ruined under the perception beautiful women have about you. If things don't go well as planned on a date then you've lost the time and money from the very first time you met her. We usually try to give off the best first impression and expect people to remember us and not forget.

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However, not every time the great first impression works. Yes some people are lucky enough to get second chances, but when it comes to a date it is the first impression that matters as it leaves a lasting impression. Dating is literally a confounding game that you can find it hard to follow the dos and don’ts.

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It is usually the first date that leaves an ineffaceable mark on women and it is important that you remain more aware so that you don’t make silly mistakes. If you are looking for ways to create a great impression on your date then here are 8 gross things a guy should never do on a date.


Spending time talking about your self

The grossest thing a guy should never do on a date is spending too much time talking about himself. Many guys prefer to talk an entire happy hour getting into the details about themselves without even considering inquiring about their date. No women would put up with a date who isn't curious about them.


Look at your phone more than your date

It is definitely rude to be meddling with your phone while you are on a date as this gives an impression that you are waiting for a better invitation to come along. Avoid the urge to whatsapp or check your text while you're on a date.


Talking too dirty

It is common knowledge that most men watch porn so it doesn't mean you have to make weird sex references to her unless you aimed for it. The grossest thing you need to avoid on your date are talking too dirty.


Check out other women

It is difficult to tame the wandering eye of men but for the sake of your date make sure to limit your vision only to her face and the menu. One of the 8 gross things a guy should never do on a date is checking out other women or ogling at the beautiful girl that just went by.


Point out the flaws

You would be waiting for the opportunity to pay too many compliments but it is a bad thing initially, especially on the first date. On the other hand, even pointing out your date's flaws is bad as well. It is important to make her feel good and not criticise her.



Some guys prefer to come up with nicknames and pet names so as to develop intimacy yet it can turn out to be sickening and can scare off women faster if it just too early in a relationship.


Talk about an exflame

If you are person who just got out of a long relationship it is better to wait for a while than to start dating again. No one with the right mind would want to be subjected to a date night filled with stories about how amazing the ex used to be. This is one of the gross things a guy should never do on a date. It clearly shows that you haven't gotten over with your past relationship and no woman would prefer to be the rebound. Nobody wants to be reminded of your romantic past or being compared with your previous lovers.


Correcting her on little things

No woman would prefer a know it all and if your behavior is generally boastful then it can upset your date as well. It is a nice thing to project that you are intelligent and confident so keep things quite fun and natural rather than correcting grammar or knowledge of IT or science. If you are going to make her feel bad at her expense then she will definitely bracket together those bad feelings with you and the date.

These are some of the 8 gross things a guy should never do on a date

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Story first published: Saturday, October 17, 2015, 15:00 [IST]
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