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Dating Rules For Innocent Girls

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Do the dating rules really work? Frankly speaking, no rules work in relationships because most of the time, we end up in relationships because we are totally smitten or attached emotionally to the other person. The rational mind fails to work when you are drowned in emotions.

Why Does She Fake It?

Then why talk about relationship rules? Well, it doesn't mean that you shouldn't prepare yourself or expand your knowledge about the dynamics of relationships just because you are going to lose your 'self' one fine day to a man.

Therefore, there is nothing wrong in taking some relationship advice because sooner or later, it may be useful. Maybe once the hold of emotions on your mind becomes loose, you will gradually know the truth.

Men Hate These Bedroom Blunders

Now, let us discuss about some dating rules which are meant for innocent women. The whole point is about being careful because giving your heart to a man who never cares would be meaningless. Read on...


Rule #1

Don't take anything personally at least in the dating phase. It is not wise to link your happiness with his acceptance or rejection. This way, you can just be in the moment and enjoy it.


Rule #2

Its not advisable to get physical on the first date as you may feel confused. Often when you go too intimate without knowing much about him, it might get tough to break the bond when you discover that he isn't the right man for you.


Rule #3

Losing yourself so fast isn't wise. Total surrender before knowing about him would complicate things for you later. So, keep your heart with yourself for some time.


Rule #4

Don't look for hidden meanings in his conversation. Generally, we tend to obsessively think about a past conversation with a special someone to derive hidden meanings in it either to get kick out of it or to read his inner feelings. All that is not necessary.


Rule #5

Go for a date and come back; simply get back to your daily activities instead of pinning your hopes on him or day dreaming about him.


Rule #6

Don't wait for his calls and texts. It might become an addiction and attachment which may make life miserable later. If he likes you, he will get back.


Rule #7

Never get attached until the day he commits. Waiting till that point is the wisest thing to do as you can avoid a heartbreak.

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Story first published: Monday, October 12, 2015, 16:11 [IST]
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