Why Does She Fake It?

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When a woman moans in bed, a man would feel happy because he feels great. But what if you suddenly realise that most of the women in this world fake it most of the time?

These 7 Things Aren't Love

Well, you don't need to suspect your personal experiences. But yes, it is a fact that some women scream in bed for all the wrong reasons.

But its quite natural. Sometimes, they might feel like adding some flavour to the experience with their sounds, and sometimes, they might moan just for fun. Sometimes, they might do to boost the male ego and sometimes, its just plain pretension for a motive.

Why Men Fall For High Maintenance Women

So, do women cheat? Why does she fake it? Well, let us discuss about some funny reasons here.


To Take You For A Ride

If a woman wants to have some fun by taking the man for a ride, she may choose to fake it just to see the man going mad.


To Make You Feel Like A Superman

This can be for good or for bad; depends upon her motive.


To Boost Your Confidence Levels

Sometimes, when a man's self esteem is given a boost, he tends to perform well and this is exactly why women sometimes fake.


Its Like A Gold Medal

For some men, a woman's moan is like a gold medal. That's like their greatest achievement. Women know this well; so they may go out of their way to fake it so that the man feels accomplished.


To Help You Serve Better

You pat a man on his back and he will try to do something for you. A moan in bed doesn't cost you anything but he will feel great.


It Gives Her More Pleasure Than The Actual Act

This may sound strange to you but its true. Some women love a fake episode more!


She's Imagining Someone Else Inside Her Head

In rare cases, this might hold true. But still, there is no way you can know about it. Take it easy!


It Helps Her Vent Out

Yes, bedroom is the best place to vent out all kinds of energies which are trying to burst out. Maybe that is why some women moan a lot and vent it out.

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