Men Hate These Bedroom Blunders

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Bed behaviour counts a lot. How well you behave in bed says a lot about how long your relationship lasts. Of course, this doesn't mean that only the physical side of any relationship counts. It just means that good bed behaviour will surely enhance the quality of a relationship.

Why Does She Fake It?

So, it just means that things in the bedroom matter a lot. So, if you know how to spice up things in the bedroom, you are almost there inside his heart. He would crave to share his life with you.

These 7 Things Aren't Love

We tend to do some mistakes often but learning from them is what matters. So, in this post, lets us learn what would put the fire off in the bed room and what turns men off. Here we go...


Sob Stories

No tragic things when the mood is romantic. They are not among the things men like to hear before or after making out. So, crying or talking about tragic incidents in bed may turn him off.



Just like women, even men would hate to see someone rashly handling with their body parts. So, control your impulses when you see his manhood from closeup.



Of course the function of your bedroom is to create babies but he would hate if you treat him like a machine that donates sperm. So don't talk too much only about creating babies.



This is a sign that you are either sleepy or not much engaged or alert in the romantic conversation. This would surely put him off.



If you are a chatter box, hide that side at least in the bedroom as any man would get bored to share his bed with a chatter box.


A Bored Expression

The biggest insult that a man takes too personal is a bored expression on a woman's face when she is in his company. So, even if you are bored, try to wear a smile on your face.


Praising Another Man

Do this at your own risk. When you are in bed with your partner if you keep praising another man, your man would surely feel pained inside though he pretends otherwise.



Yes, even silence would be awkward in the bedroom. Say something romantic and cheer him up.



He will easily know that you are faking and he would hate to see that. If you are not really turned on, that's fine but never try to fake it.

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Story first published: Thursday, October 8, 2015, 17:03 [IST]
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