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17 Reasons Why Women Have Intercourse

Making love is the most basic need of human beings. But then, humans are social animals. We have relationships, love and social institutions like marriages. So sex is not a mindless and instinctive act for human beings, especially for the female species. There are some very specific reasons why women have intercourse. If you want to know why women have sex, then you will have to know their psychology in and out.

Women rarely have sex without weighing all their options carefully. Even girls are not immune to sudden bursts of impulses but such situations are rare. The reasons why women have intercourse are usually very well thought out. So if if want to know why she will sleep with you, be rest assured that the reason is not something frivolous.


The reasons why women have sex can seem selfish and cunning to men sometimes. But lets face it, women are a smart race of people. So you cannot really expect them to make foolish choices. Women have their unique set of needs and desires that might be hard for men to gauge. That is why; Boldsky gives you a list of the top reasons why women have intercourse with men.


It's nature's call

Women need sex just like men do. Women are not aliens who can survive without physical intimacy. So the most normal reason for a woman to have intercourse is that it is her natural need.


As a favour

There are many women who treat sex as a favour. The prettier the girl, the more pricey she acts. Women have this feeling that they are somehow compromising herself to make love to you.


The natural next step

She has been going out with your over 6 months, you seem to be getting along great and making love just seems like the next step in the relationship.


She is turned on

It is really hard to get a woman turned on. So if she is turned on and you are the reason, then you will get lucky tonight.


She needs emotional support

Physical love is just another way of feeling emotionally close to a man. So, if she wants to sleep with you, it could be because she needs you emotionally.


You are a good kisser

Women have a massive fetish for guys who can kiss well. If you are a good kisser, you will have a very good chance of scoring chicks.


As a reward

You bought her a diamond ring and she hopped into the sack with you! Don't be surprised, women often have sex just to reward their man for being such a darling.


The ambience is romantic

Men can make love even when they are cramped up in the backseat of a car. But for a woman, ambience is everything. The right kind of weather, scenery and lighting can make her game for sex.


To please her man

Sometimes, the reason why women have intercourse is nothing to do with herself. She just wants to please her man. So, she selflessly indulges in lovemaking.


The culmination of love

For women, love and sex are not two different things. She will sleep with you if she feels that she is in love and wants to culminate her emotions.


In the heat of the moment

It is not just men who unzip their pants in the heat of the moment. Women are also prone to make such impulsive decisions.


She needs a release

She is up to her neck in work load and needs a release from the stress. Women, sometimes, have mindless sex just to de-stress.


She is hormonal

Women feel hormonal when they are ovulating. During this time, their body urges them to make love so that they can conceive.


She wants to dominate you

Men find the idea of a woman dominating them in bed intoxicating. But remember, once she dominates you in bed, she will dominate you in every other aspect of life.


She wants you to need her

Men don't like it when their partner 'needs' them. But for women, being needed is an important aspect of the relationship. Having sex is one way to be needed by your man.


She is afraid you will leave her

If you have been distant for sometime and she wants to make love suddenly, then it may be because she fears you will leave her. Sleeping together might remind you of your good times together.


She has decided to marry you

Well, if she has decided for sure that you are the one for her, she might gift her virginity to you. In that case, be prepared for wedding bells and if you are not, then don't jump into bed with her.

Story first published: Tuesday, August 19, 2014, 16:32 [IST]