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Be The Man All Modern Women Want


Men always say that it is extremely difficult to understand women. They can feel a wide range of emotions at the same time and that confuses men. But if you think that women were complicated enough, then where do modern women figure in your list. All men want to have modern women as their life partners and yet they understand this species so little.

With time, the role of women in our society has changed and that has reversed the dynamics of their relationships with men completely. If you want to be the type of man whom all modern women want, then you start by understanding women better. A modern woman does not require you to be her provider and protector. You need be comfortable with her independence as a working woman and yet be a man to her when she is emotionally low.

Being such a type of man is quite challenging. If women had to change their traditional role as homemakers, men also have to break out of their standard moulds. To be what women want, you have to understand them at a deep psychological level.

Here is a list of things you need to keep in mind if you want to be the right type of man for modern women.


Treat Her As An Equal

The most important thing that all women want is to be treated as equals. There is no reason why you should not consider a modern woman to be your equal because she is just as educated as you are and earns just well as you do.


Understand Modern Relationships

You need to have a thorough understanding of modern relationships. You may have grown up in a world were the man paid the bills and the woman did the dishes. Needless to say that things have changed completely now.


Be Free n Set Her Free

When she wants to have a girls night out with her friend, don't be a drag. You can obviously expect her to return the favour when you are out with your bros.


Be Ready To Adapt

Modern women hate men who are typical. Gone are the days when women did the lion's share of adjusting to a new life with men. Now if you want her to come one step towards you, you need to go two steps forward.


Have A Good Career

Modern women are educated, liberated and successful. There is no place for a struggling youth in their profile. You need to be good professionally and have ambition to figure in her list.


Provide Support When Required

Even if modern women are independent and free, they still have to bear children. You need to be there for her emotionally and financially at some point of time in her life when she needs support.


Be A Man, But Only Sometimes

Modern women want the old world chivalry from their man but not the chauvinism. So you still have to open the door of the car for her but you cannot tell her that she is a lousy driver!


Appreciate Her Talents

Nowadays, women expect you to look at them as persons and not just the opposite sex. You need to understand she wants to be appreciated for her talents. If she gets a promotion, applaud her and when cooks for you, compliment her.


Let Her Be A Woman

A modern woman is still a woman. She will have the weakness for shopping and the need to look good. These are characteristics women have always had. So even in this modern set up, you need to allow her to be herself and not judge her for it.

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Story first published: Thursday, June 20, 2013, 16:06 [IST]
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