Ways To Make 'No Contact Rule' Work

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The 'no contact rule' is not an act of law or a government bill. It is mutually agreed upon clause among couples. After a break up, when things cool down a little, we start missing our ex partner. At this point of time, both partners are at their weakest and sometimes, one or both the partners may want to get back together.

However most breakups happen out of genuine incompatibility or serious differences. If you keep talking to your ex then you may overlook the fact that the break up is good for you. That is where the no contact rule comes into the picture after a break up.

No Contact

It is not as easy as it sounds. So, here are some ingenious ways to make the no contact rule work for you and your ex partner.

Be With Friends: Most people become recluse after their break up. We do not want to meet their friends, or do not want to have fun. We just want to sit locked up at home. Whenever you are alone, you will miss your ex. So, make your social life busy. Be with friends as much as you can so that your time is filled and you have fun.

Eat What You Like: Food can be one of the best ways to get over a break up. Every time you feel the urge to cry, eat your favourite food. Stock up your refrigerator with delicious foods like French fries, chocolates and cakes. This is not an advise to become obese. But binge eating can be a temporary relief from heartache.

Watch Lots Of Television: Every time you feel the urge to call your ex, you need to divert your mind. The best way to do this is by watching television. Lap up the dumbest television show if it keep your mind off your ex.

Do Not Call Him/Her: The best way to follow the no contact rule is to delete the phone number of your ex. But if you are not ready to do that then you can save his/her number as 'Do Not Call Him/her'. Every-time you try to call your ex you will be reminded that you are not supposed to call.

Stay Away From Social Networking Sites: Social media has made the world a local place. There is nothing called privacy now. First of all, you have to change your relationship status and then, you will be opening up channels of communication because you can't keep him/her on Facebook and Twitter. Do not log into these sites at least for a duration of 1 month. Trust me it won't kill you.

Don't Visit Mutual Friends: You need not cut off all ties with your common friends. But it is better to avoid them for sometime. You might accidentally meet your ex at their place or they might want to hook you up again. Wait till you get over the break up to see your common friends again.

These are a few intelligent ways to make the no contact rule work. Have you followed this rule after breakup?

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Story first published: Wednesday, December 12, 2012, 14:46 [IST]
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