Is College The Right Place For Romance?

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College Romance
College days are golden days as the youth don't have to worry about the responsibilities in life. They don't have to think about future, finances and family as studies need to be their priorties and these things will be taken care by their parents. Life in college is very colourful as boys and girls look young and beautiful.

Nobody can possibly help youth who fall in love as the era they are is such. The friendly stares, love spots, pimples on face and funny link ups will force anybody to get into the world of fantasies.

During college, life is very imaginative and thats the time when boys and girls dream a lot. The songs they sing will be picturised with a hero (them) and a heroine (their beautiful class mate) dancing in the background of choice. But, the question is, whether it is the ideal time for all these? It is said that studies will take a back seat when romance is on throttle.

Many have been successful in making their dream college love story true but there are also cases who have lost everything and have been living a horrible life. Today, we will discuss on whether college is the place for romance. Take a look.

Is College Romance Long Living?

1. Ask girls and most of them laugh out loud. To them, college romance is just a passing phase of life. They would require men to go on bikes, watch movies and shop at malls but beyond that, there isn't anything.

2. During teenage life, love and romance is like ice cream that will melt soon after the college days. Even men ask for college love affairs as they want colourful girls falling for them. They like being called a flirt or a road side romeo.

3. Some youth treat college love as the most genuine and innocent love as there aren't any expectations from relationship.

4. Most youth get cheated by partners as they wouldn't have taken the relationship as serious as them. They feel dejected and lose interest in studies. This move of their's will affect future badly and make them regret life long.

5. So the best relationship advice for teenagers is that they need to know if the person who they have feelings for is as serious as they are and then plan to get settled at the right age. If the bondage is strong, the relationship will stay on until they complete their education and get into jobs.

Story first published: Tuesday, January 17, 2012, 10:23 [IST]
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