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Is Your Girlfriend A Marriage Material?

“I want to marry her but is she a marriage material?

Will she adjust with me, my family and our lifestyle?"

These questions are very common after the couple decides to get into a permanent relationship. The boy is always tensed thinking whether his partner is the perfect choice for him or not. Don't just keep this in mind. Check out with these tips to know if your girlfriend is a marriage material or not?

1. It is very important to see that your girlfriend is honest to you or not. Check if she has many male friends and hangs around frequently or not. Also see her comfort level with male friends to know her likes. If you don't have issues of her being friends with other males then don't pay much attention but remember, don't be blind too.

2. To check if your girlfriend is a marriage material or not, see to it that your girl is established or has the potential to be independent when required. This is important because men love independent and career oriented women. Men want a girl who is equally capable of standing with him.


3. A girlfriend should have a good sense of wit and humor. This sis one of the basic essentials a man checks to know if his girlfriend is a marriage material or not.

4. A marriage material woman should not just be homely and know the household work but the girl should be caring. See whether the flexibility of the girl to accept changes is there or not.

5. Men love to make girlfriends who are hot and appealing so that they can proudly show their friends and enjoy too. When it comes to marriage and serious relationships, men want a girl who is simple and has a decent living style.

6. Girlfriend material should have a better understanding on her partner and the faith, mutual understanding should also be there.

7. She should not be like a burden on him. It is very important to have your attitude. Calm and feminine girlfriend easily becomes a marriage material.

8. A good character is a must to become a man's marriage material woman. Whatever be the past, in the present and future, she should be yours and only yours.

9. She should be strong so as to not take crap from anyone. The strength to fight troubles and encourage ways to fight troubles attract men.

10. Men love women who are feminine. Love should be equal. If the girl is using you, then she is not your types. Men love women who are perfect and doesn't demand.

Men love women who haves these features and search it in their girlfriend to know if she is a marriage material or not.

Story first published: Thursday, July 28, 2011, 15:57 [IST]
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