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How To Hide Love From Your Mom?

Say you are in love and would want to hide from your dear mom, it is definitely not very easy as she has the power to read your mind but you can still try with a few tips suggested by us, may be it will help.

Why hide your love from mom?, well, may you haven't reached the right age of marriage, may be you want to settle in career, may be you need some more time to understand the love of your life, reasons can be anything but solution?. Check for our tips to hide love from mom.

7 Tips To Hide Love From Your Mom -

  1. Do not write or scribble anything about your love in books or paper as that is the priority of search of your doubtful mom.
  2. If you are planning to go on a secret date then our dating tip will be that that reach home on time and act as if you had been with your friends. Also prepare your friends for the same.
  3. Do not receive romantic gifts or any expensive gifts from your partner as it will simply add on to her doubts.
  4. Keep cool and don't show your emotions when she is along. Try to do all that you feel only in private.
  5. Do not keep thinking or day dreaming about your partner instead engage in activities which interest you.
  6. Don't hint your mom about the new change in life by acting weird instead buy her gifts and make her feel that you love your family.
  7. Spend good time with her, help her in her day's work so that she feels that you are and will always be her daughter.

Use these tips to hide love from your mom and we challenge that it will help you and your family in a great way. These tips will help your mom get free from worries and maintain peace at home.

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Story first published: Wednesday, July 13, 2011, 18:01 [IST]