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How To Know Your Erotic Net Worth?

By Devaki

Wondering what erotic net worth is? It is the collection of features including physical fitness, good grooming, social skills and sex appeal, which form a personal asset. The higher your overall erotic net worth if you possess the more of each elements.

Erotic net worth will help you attain more social and dating advantages.

Though the erotic net worth had long been discussed in relation to women, it is more important for men to have the mastery to allure women.

Now estimate your erotic net worth and how you can increase it to your advantage.

1.Sex Appeal: You have it if you have the right body language, confidence and a talent for flirting and there is absolutely no need to be too pretty like a movie star.

If you are a man, face others head-on with your spine erect and head held high and your feet about a foot apart. It conveys a dominant, self-assured, in-control attitude. Be assured, it is a huge turn-on for woman.

Don't forget, women are also programmed to pay attention to smell when selecting a partner. Choose a cologne wisely. Do the best to track down the brand that complements the natural body odour.

Always provide the tint of humour and learn to read the female body language, while flirting with girls.

2.Social Skills: Be charming, persuasive, playful, witty, polite and a good conversationalist. To become adept in socializing, read voraciously and be updated with the current events as well as the hot topics in the media, business and technology.

Always make others feel at ease. Provide concern for others as it is projecting a sense of calm and ask open-ended questions to encourage others to talk.

Show interest in others, listen attentively with steady eye contact. It will trick them into finding you fascinating even if you disclose relatively little about yourself.

The most important point- do never take yourself too seriously or be too uptight. The capacity to laugh at yourself and take life's mishaps in stride appeal others and shows your self-confidence.

3.Physical Fitness: A sexy body always indicates virility and vigour. Women think it as stamina and dynamite sack sessions. So make outputs to be in shape.Proper work outs will help you for a V-shaped physique.

Right clothes creates the illusion of a perfect body. Choose the right outfits which complement your looks and a half-inch heel shoes for men, as height is also much important for a woman.

4.Self Presentation: The way you dress, styles your hair, all have a major impact on the first impression you create. Don't be negligent about your grooming routine, as it is an important aspect in the dating realm.

Fashionable men always wear trends with out looking like fashion victims. Dress the best and go for the best colours and cuts which flatter you the most. Get your hair trimmed every four weeks. Be diligent about keeping the facial hair in check. Pay attention to your hands too.

Sexual competence in the bedroom is also important for a man as women are lured by the satisfaction you give them in between the sheets and prove your best self in bedroom too.

Story first published: Wednesday, May 5, 2010, 14:30 [IST]