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11 Tips On How To Build Your Child’s Self-Confidence
Self-confidence is an important part of healthy child development. It helps children cope with mistakes, try again even when they fail for the first time, which makes them recognise and value their own capabilities and strengths. Self-confidence helps children to deal ...
How To Build A Childs Self Confidence

Highly Confident People Never Do These Things
Confident individuals don't pretend to be perfect. They believe in themselves, and they have all the answers.  Confidence is said to be more important than any other character when it comes to becoming successful. Hence being confident is very much ...
13 Ways To Boost Your Confidence In Life
With expectations soaring in every facet of life, the best way to gain an edge over peers and compatriots is by building confidence. Confidence is a word that speaks for itself. Its application and presence unfailingly making lasting impressions on our ...
Lucky Charms Are Not Superstition
Every one would have a special dress, favourite colour, pen, keychain or just anything which they would treat as an omen to bring luck and success. Although some might consider it as superstition, there are people who go with this superstitious ...
Lucky Charm Confidence Booster
Women Hit The Pinnacle Of Beauty In Thirty
People who are with the mind-set that girls reach the pinnacle of their beauty when they hit teenage, will have to change their mind after reading this survey, which proves that women reach the pinnacle of beauty in her thirties.According to ...
How To Know Your Erotic Net Worth?
Wondering what erotic net worth is? It is the collection of features including physical fitness, good grooming, social skills and sex appeal, which form a personal asset. The higher your overall erotic net worth if you possess the more of each ...
Know Your Erotic Net Worth
Ballroom Dancing For The Kids!
Rhythmic dancing surely has a capacity to excite the attention of all people. It seems the ballroom dancing has a specific impact on all children's learning. It not only helps pupils learn to move but also move them to ...
Good Looking Job Seekers Stand Out To Employers
If you think intelligence is the key to career progression, then here's a new flash: That's the conclusion of a new research which claims that attractiveness, along with confidence, may help job seekers stand out to employers. "Little is known ...
Good Looking Job Seekers
Review: The Magic Violin
Title: The Magic Violin Author: Mayra Calvani Illustrator: K. C. Snider Publisher: Guardian Angel Publishing, Inc. ISBN: 978-1-933090-49-8 Genre: Fiction / Children The book is about a 8 year old girl Melina and how she regains her confidence that she ...
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