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If You Are A Victim Of Gaslighting, 6 Tips Will Help You To Recover From Your Toxic Relationship

People go into relationships to find happiness and love, but when their relationships turn out to be a toxic one, things become really worse. One such relationship is where either of the partners is a gaslighter. The other partner can be emotionally unstable and traumatized for being in a relationship with a gaslighter. In such situations, the victim loses self-confidence and doubts his or her perspectives.

Initially, it gets really difficult for the person to get out of the toxic relationship. Once out of the clutches of a gaslighter, the victim goes through tough times to recover his or her self-confidence and become emotionally stable.

With time one can surely recover from the trauma caused by the gaslighting relationship.

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1. Cut All Sort Of Contacts With The Gaslighter

Since you have been into a relationship with a gaslighter, you need to accept the fact that the gaslighter will definitely use different means to communicate with you. So you need to be strong enough to not get manipulated by any message or calls from the gaslighter. You need to cut all sorts of contacts with that person. You can block his or her contact, mail id and the social media profile as well.

The gaslighters will also try reaching to you with the help of the 'flying monkeys' to let you know how much he or she is missing you or is sorry for his other behaviour, but you need to stick to your decisions.

2. Stop Blaming Yourself

After being into a toxic relationship with a gaslighter, you might feel that it was your own mistake that the relationship fell apart, but it is not so always. It was not your fault and therefore don't be harsh with yourself. Moreover, gaslighters are always skilled in the art of manipulating people as per their whims and fancy.

3. Bad Experiences Can Be A Lesson For You

Before anybody else can manipulate you again, learn from your past experiences. Instead of believing everyone around you, you can solve your issues all by yourself.

Moreover, don't let anyone take charge of your life or control it.

4. Pamper Yourself

If you really want to recover from the trauma caused by the toxic relationship, you need to pamper yourself often. You need to walk out of your gloominess and embrace happiness.

You need to do things that can bring a smile to your face. Such as look for things that can really make you happy. Go shopping or just hang out with friends, you can also go for a movie or cook something good for yourself.

5. Reconnect With Your Loved Ones

Gaslighters always do things to isolate their victims so that they can control and manipulate them. Similar incidents may have happened with you. But, it is high time that you reconnect with people who truly care about you. Call your best friends and let them know you kicked off the gaslighter from your life. Go on a trip with your friends. Visit your family and spend time with them. This will really help you to recover from the emotional wound.

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6. Seek Help From A Counsellor

There is no shame in seeking help. If you feel that you need someone mature to help you out of the situation then you can seek the help of a counsellor. A counsellor will surely help you to cope with the tough situation and rebuild your self-esteem. The counsellor will also give you support and advice to bring back your life on the track.

It is not that easy to recover from gaslighting in relationships as gaslighters can manipulate their victim to an extreme level and make them go really insane. But, with the right amount of effort and support one can put back their scattered life together and find peace and happiness again.

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