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Who Are Flying Monkeys? If You Are Facing Problem, We Have 5 Ways By Which You Can Deal With Them

For those who don't know, a narcissist is a person who has an excessive interest in or admiration of themselves and believes that the world revolves around them. Being in any kind of relationship with them is like inviting trouble for yourself. If not anything else, mental peace and happiness will surely fly out of the window.

This can affect anyone to a great extent. However, it is not only their narcissism that affects you and spoils your relationship with them, but when narcissists are here, can 'flying monkeys' be far behind?


Probably, you are thinking about the animal, monkey, but in psychology, 'flying monkeys' or 'apaths'is a term that means that a narcissist will recruit someone in order to isolate you and also to abuse and harras you.

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Flying Monkeys are the one who will affect you in a worse manner and you can actually witness the consequences when you end your relationship with a narcissist.

These are people used by the narcissist as a puppet to ruin your image among your loved ones. It is interesting to know that this term has been taken from the movie Wizard of Oz, where the wicked witch uses monkeys to carry her evil actions. Therefore, in real life, 'flying monkeys' will assume that the narcissist is the victim and thinks of actual victim as the abuser.


Here are a few tips so that you can deal with a flying monkey effectively-

1. Do Not React To What They Say

After you have ended the relationship with a narcissist, you will need to accept the fact that your narcissist partner fed negative stories about you to their flying monkeys.

The flying monkeys have so much faith in their narcissist friends, they believe whatever their friend tells them. This doesn't stop here, they also spread lies about you among other people so that everyone can also judge you on the basis of those stories.

What people say about you doesn't become your identity and therefore, you should ignore what they are saying, stay calm and not react to them.

2. Ignore Them As Much As You Can

You need to ignore these flying monkeys. The more you care about what they speak and do against you, the more you will be affected. These people are constantly manipulated and encouraged by the narcissists and therefore, you need to ignore the flying monkeys and continue with your work.

3. Give Strong Statements

No doubt, the flying monkeys will do their best to weaken you and compel you to return to the narcissist. You need to be really stubborn and stand by your decision. Nothing can be more painful than staying with a narcissistic person. So, standing strong in this situation will help you to eliminate these flying monkeys.

4. Warn Them If Necessary

You need to use this tactic only when the 'flying monkey' crosses his or her limit and makes consistent attempts to let you down. You can tell them, if he or she doesn't step back, you will make sure they regret their actions. You can ask them not to interfere between you and your ex-partner, who happened to be a narcissist.

5. Talk To Friends Who Are Trustworthy

Since you know the narcissist will be using flying monkeys for creating walls between you and your loved ones, you need to talk to friends whom you trust. Tell them the truth, not your version or your narcissistic partner's version. You can seek the help of your true friends to turn down the flying monkeys.

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We hope these tips will really come handy if you are dealing with a narcissistic person and their flying monkeys. All the best to you!

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