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7 Ways That Can Help You In Healing Your Fractured Friendship

Every relationship goes through some ups and downs because no two humans are the same and therefore, differences might take a toll on the bond that they share. The same happens in a friendship as well. Even if there is a strong bond between two friends and they are closer to each other than to their families, there will be times when they might not agree with each other. They might have disagreements over various things that might affect their friendship. Though the friends might reconcile afterward, there are some friendships that hit the rough road and meet a tragic end.

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Ending friendship with someone you have spent your precious moments and made beautiful memories, can be really painful. It can lead a person to depression. Therefore, we have brought some tips that can help you to mend your broken friendship. Scroll down to read them:

1. Find The Cause

Before you look for ways to mend your precious friendship, first of all, ask yourself, 'What went wrong?' Unless you don't know the answer you won't be able to fix your problem. You might not know but your efforts to mend things might be going in the wrong direction.

Therefore, it is highly important for you to identify the root cause of the problem. Once you have identified the problem, you can easily curate a plan to fix your broken friendship.

2. Let The Ego Fly Out Of The Window

Ego is said to be one of the biggest factors that can ruin any relationship. If you want to declare a peace treaty with your friend, you will have to leave behind your ego. Your efforts must have a sense of humility in it else you might sound fake.

3. Be The First To Offer The Olive Branch

If you are thinking, you will have to literally present a real olive branch then pause for a moment. Instead of waiting for your friend to come to you and initiate reconciliation, why not you do the same?

Whether or not you are at the fault, you can be the first one to make efforts in resolving the problems. This will show how much you value your friendship and this will surely make your friend reciprocate your feelings.

4. Listen To What Your Friend Says

After you have put your point and made the first attempt to fix your broken friendship, let your friend voice his or her thoughts as well. This way you will be able to know what is going on in the mind of your friend and if both of you are on the same page or not.

Instead of interrupting your friend, let him or her speak and if you think there is a misunderstanding between you two, then you can present your views.

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5. Forgive Or Seek Forgiveness

After both of you have put down your thoughts and perspectives, now it is the time to seek forgiveness from each other and to forgive each other. Even if your friend hurt you by speaking bitter words, forget what happened in the fast and forgive your friend. The apology should be from both ends doesn't matter who was at fault.

6. Respect Your Friend's Decision

Though you initiated reconciliation and apologised to your friend, you should accept his or her decision. If your friend is not willing to retain the friendship, do not force your friend. For forced friendship won't bring happiness and you won't have the same bonding. And sometimes it is good to let go of certain things.

7. Make Plans To Spend Time Together

If you have successfully reconciled with your friend, make some concrete plans to kickstart your friendship again. For this, you and your friend can go on a trip and rejuvenate your friendship. Or you can do your favourite hobbies. Any good thing that is associated with your friendship can surely fix your broken friendship.

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There are many factors that can make friendship fragile and push it towards the dead end. Those factors can be distance, changes in life, change in priorities, misunderstandings and many more. But whatever is the reason behind your broken friendship, you can always mend it. We hope the above points help you revive your bonding.

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