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International Women's Day 2022: Empowering Relationship Advice For Women

Relationships are never hard and it is only the people we are involved with within the relationship that makes it challenging. Well, a relationship is not like a well-oiled machine, that once you start it will go on forever. Also, it is not like some magic fairy tale that everything will be happy and free of issues. Rather, it is like a house and it needs maintenance from time to time. There are mainly two factors that can affect any relationship, ie., either it requires more from your side or from your partner's. We have curated the 12 best empowering relationship advice for women on International Women's Day that will make you pleasantly surprised!


1. Know Yourself and Be Yourself Always

This is probably the most important piece of advice of all no matter how cliche it may sound. If you lack understanding of yourself and the lack of love for yourself, then no relationship can be saved. Accept yourself first and then step into a relationship. When you know yourself better, it becomes clear what you want from your partner.


2. Don’t Hold On To Things From The Past

What has gone was probably never yours and therefore, it is best that you get rid of petty things and focus on the good ones. Holding grudge against your partner or setting unrealistic expectations from them can ruin the present. Forgetting a grocery item or not leaving the toilet seat up is something you need to ignore.


3. Teach Him/Her How To Treat You

Whatever behaviour you allow, is the behaviour that will persist. So, if early in the relationship, your partner starts abusing you or yelling at you then you need to make him understand by gently saying that you don't appreciate that particular behaviour and deserve to be spoken with respect and love and will refuse to speak to them if they do not abide by that. If you don't stop them in the beginning, things will only get worse.


4. Do Not Be A People Pleaser

Do you hold yourself to a lower standard than your partner? If yes then you need to unlearn a lot of things about relationships! If you do not respect yourself enough then you will end up tolerating things you shouldn't. Sometimes, people take advantage of this behaviour and that leaves you heartbroken. It is a wrong notion that if your please people, they will love/like you. A relationship is a two-way street, if you please your partner, make sure that they do the same for you.


5. Connect On An Emotional And Physical Level

We all long for deep and meaningful connections in a relationship and the good thing is there are numerous ways to establish that. It is not only empowering but it also helps you to know your partner or date to a deeper level. Love will certainly deepen and also it brings out the best in two people in a relationship. It may be difficult to follow at times but the end result is always sweet.


6. Stay Focussed On Things That Matter To You

Is it worth losing your dreams or hopes just because you are in a relationship? Absolutely not! If your partner really loves you then they will encourage you to pursue your goals and you will immediately know how empowering that can be. Understand what is your priority and people who are serious about a relationship will always be there for you.


7. Respect And Trust Is Mutual

This is the very foundation of every relationship and without this everything will crumble and fall, no matter how much love is present. If you are an empowered woman, then you will know the value of respect and trust, which is mutual and not either of the partners should compromise on this part in their relationship. Also, in order to get respect, you have to give respect as well. Set the tone for kind treatment in your relationship!


8. Do not Chase Anyone

At times some women are not fully aware when they do this. It creates a vibe of feeling needy and empowered women must stay away from this repellent vibe. If you are really interested in a person, just let them know and if they are interested they will be with you, if not, get over your feelings and just move on. Chasing someone for love is demoralizing and you don't need to convince someone so hard to be with you. Look for people who really value you and want to be with you.


9. Talk About Gender Roles

Even though gender roles have become blurred over the last few decades, still there are certain people in the society who have different set of expectations from men and women. It is expected from a woman to raise kids and run home while the man becomes the bread winner for his family. Have a free conversation regarding this with your partner and discuss in detail about the expectations regarding gender roles.


10. Speak Your Mind When Needed

Speaking your mind doesn't mean yelling at your partner, it means having a conversation in a calm and gentle manner. Suppressing negative emotions have never done any good to anyone, so tell your partner if you are having problems and then see where you stand as a team. Solving it together is best way to deal with the issues. You have to voice your opinions even though it appears to be unpleasant at times.


11. Don’t Make Assumptions Always

If you want to stay in an empowered relationship, then you cannot assume things and make decisions based on that. Honest communication is the key here. Assuming things won't make anything right and wrong, if you do not have proof then look for it instead. If your partner is innocent and you have accused them of doing something they haven't done of responsible for, it can break a relationship for sure.


12. Accepting The Differences

If you are in a relationship, don't expect that your partner will be your identical twin! This is like setting too much expectations for them. Instead, accept them for who they are. If you find that there are too many differences and you can't deal with it, then maybe he/she is not the right person for you and vice versa. Too much expectations always have a negative impact on a relationship.

We women have come a long way, be it setting our position in society, fighting for the pay gap in office or demanding an equal position in a relationship! Despite the cultural advance, still women lose their way at times and settle for less because people around them somehow make them feel inferior, through words or behaviour. It is high time that we all need to get over it and make some incredible changes. Therefore, while stepping in a relationship always remember ‘Men of quality respect women's equality'!