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Why Are You Still Single? Ask Yourself This Question

By A Mixed Nerve

Do you wonder why you are single till now? Any idea, why?

Do these questions make you cringe? The responses usually differ from person to person and run the gamut of misfortune, or bad luck, or the law of attraction, or the self-protective response of, "I like being single".


But to admit the truth, we also think about it a lot. We wonder why we are the ones single and what are the reasons for us still not being able to be in a relationship.

So to begin with, let's think of this moment of self- reflection with a dose of compassion. It is a work to be in a relationship and to keep making it better. The key here is to develop an ability to see when it comes to your history with love.

Analysing yourself will get you to know what is the reason for you being single. There are certain listed reasons that would help you understand better the situation you are in.

Why Are You Still Single?

1. You Love Yourself Way Too Much

At times you think that you are just enough for yourself. But that's not true. You also feel the urge of having a partner. But the problem is you are too much into loving yourself and you think you cannot give someone else the time that you are to give yourself. This keeps you from having a partner.


2. You Are Not Ready To Compromise

Not being ready to compromise is the sign that keeps you from being committed. There is nothing but your ego that tells you not to cooperate and be open to adjusting. You cannot expect the other person to just connect and compromise while being with you. A relationship is all about the adjustment between two humans and how they make it work.

3. You Are Still Dwelling In The Past

You have probably not revived yourself from the past relationships. This is one of the main reasons why you are still single. You need to let go of the past first in order to make yourself ready for future relationships. It is very much necessary for a person to be out of the past and move forward in life. That helps the person in looking towards things in a positive aspect.

4. You Are Affected By People

This is one of the reasons that keep you single. You are affected by what people think about you. You try to change as per their words. That is the reason you start losing your originality and that doesn't help you.

Losing your own identity and listening to people's words makes you a malleable person and that keeps you from being committed.

Do not be affected by people and their thoughts. Do what you like and maintain the originality that you have within. That is the only way you know you are yourself and being yourself is the only way to attract another human.

5. You Just Feel You Are Not Ready For A Relationship

There are moments when you feel you are not ready to handle a relationship and that is when you decide until you are ready you will stay single. But to be honest, unless and until you don't take a dip in the water you won't know the depth of the river.

6. You Have Unrealistic Expectations

Having the idea of your partner completing you is the biggest misconception one has about love. To be honest with you, only you can satisfy your heart and your partner will be a catalyst and nothing more. Having unrealistic expectations from your partner is only going to make it worse for you.

This is one of the main reasons why you are single. Rather than having unreal expectations, bloom with the love that is coming to you. Imperfection is the biggest perfection that you see around today and that is the wholesome beauty that we should desire.

These 6 points tell you the reason behind you being single. If you are facing one or more of these, then try to let go and try to make your social life better in order to find yourself the love of your life. Being single is amazing but being in a relationship is another kind of feeling.

Now that you have had the taste of being single, it is about time now that you switch sides and take charge of the wheel of life and get into a relationship in order to make it to the side of having a partner. Feel the love that you desire within.

If you are single for a long time, you need to gear up for a relationship. Find yourself the love you crave.

If you liked reading the article, let me know in the comment section below.

Cheers! Just don't be single anymore!

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