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    What Happens When You Are No More Hunting The Memories Of Love?

    These memories that we made are lost and I am searching for them in every lane. Is this the love that you and I wanted, the dream of forever lost in the streets of memories. What happens when you are no more hunting the memories of love and why do we seek for these memories even after the end?

    Love is that phenomenal happiness which creates implications of togetherness in two people. Love makes two people crave for each other. These cravings keep on flashing now and then and are the source of pleasure for each other. Two people in love make uncountable memories of togetherness. But what happens when one of the lovers falls out of the love? The nature of love turns to sadness for the other lover. The cravings for together paces up and makes one cry and lament for the loss of not being with another.

    What Happens When You Are No More Hunting The Memories Of Love

    The reasons are plenty, about why people end the relationship but the real question is what happens when you are no more hunting the memories of love? The nature of humans is to seek and when they are no more seeking these memories anymore, they seek for something else.

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    What Happens When You Are No More Hunting The Memories Of Love?

    1. You Change Something

    After a breakup, one normally tries to let go of the things their partner used to live. They try to bring a change in them. These changes are often as a new beginning and these changes make them happy within.

    When you are done hunting for the memories of love, you crave to become someone new and in some way better than who you were. You seek for a change and these changes that you bring for yourself often bring happiness in your mind. Change is the law of nature and these changes are the ones that often make it possible for someone to move ahead in life. Life after a breakup is usually sad and bringing a change brings freshness into the stale past of your life.

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    2. You Seek For A New Habit

    A relationship is like a habit. And the truth about habit is that when one habit needs to be changed, another new habit is adopted. This happens, post the hunting stage. These habits are the one that keeps us motivated and even at times demotivate us. After you are done hunting you try to figure out some new habit. These habits make you who you are and bring out the best in you. Some indulge in making music, some bring a pet into the life, some go on new dates, some prefer to write, some make paintings, some read books, some start doing physical activities and some just go on dates. These habits keep us sane.

    3. You Enjoy Yourself

    After you are done hunting the memories and walk ahead in life, you love yourself more. You grow more fond of who you are. Breakup teaches a person a lot about who they are. You start becoming more happy and content. You most of the time don't crave for someone else. You seek happiness within. This makes you enjoy the life you have been bestowed with.

    Memories are often a barrier for moving ahead. It is because of us. We humans have been lamenting over memories because we try to hold on to them. We don't let the life flow on its own. We try to control it and this makes the hunting of memories a painful thing. Love is quite a beautiful feeling but when you are not in love, you are still happy. This tells us, love is as momentary as it should be. You don't have to run behind it. Through time, love will come and will vanish. All you got to do is keep yourself ready for all possibilities.
    Remember love is the electric sparks but not the thunder in your life. It just sparks for a while. The thunder in you is the best possession ever, not memories.

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    Story first published: Thursday, July 19, 2018, 11:54 [IST]
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