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    Understanding Women: 7 Reasons Why Women Lie

    By Soham
    Understanding Women: 7 Reasons Why Women Lie | Boldsky
    It is not easy understanding what runs on in a woman's mind at any particular time. Women are the most complex beings on this planet.

    Why do women lie?

    why women lie

    Women lie for a lot of reasons. Being a man, it isn't easy to acknowledge why they do it. What goes inside the mind of a woman is only known to them. Men can only get sample understanding of women and why they possibly lie.

    All lies, from little white untruths to serious deceit, can potentially be detrimental to a relationship and to understand the reasons, continue reading this article.

    Here are the reasons behind why women lie.

    #1. They Hide Their Past

    Women hide a certain part of their past and that is because they never want the person they are interested in to know about it. Women feel they get judged based on their past and for this particular reason, they hide details of a few things that have happened in their past.

    These past things might be some mistakes that they have committed or perhaps a bad memory which they do not want anyone to know.

    #2. They Don't Want To Be Seen As A Bad Person

    None in the world want to look bad in someone's eyes. When it comes to women, they never want to be a bad person in someone's mind. To create a good impression, they tend to falsify and lie on certain things, so that the impression that the other person carries is a positive one.

    #3. They Create Distance

    A woman might lie to create distance between you and her. This might be because she wants to create a boundary between the two of you. She might have a shady past and she doesn't want you to know and wants to avoid questions and hence she is lying to create a distance so that her past stays with her.

    #4. They Are Examining You

    Women often lie to know where their men stand. They lie to you and tell you some story that is made up in order to know if you are really into them and how you react to these kinds of situations, etc. If a woman is lying to you, remember she might be testing you as well to see the reaction you give.

    #5. They Think Lying Is No Big Deal

    Women at times think lying is cool and okay in this generation and there is nothing wrong in lying once in a while. They see their lies as white lies. For some women, it is fun to lie and for some, it is a job to lie. Some women lie to just see actions and reactions and some lie in order to see something funnier.

    #6 They Want The Authority

    Women like having the authority and at times, they go to the extent of telling lies in order to hold on to the power. They lie because they cannot lose the authority over someone or something.
    Often, their lies are seen as statements and men fall prey to these statements.

    #7 They Don't Trust Easily

    Women find it hard to trust a man easily. So, in order to hide their true nature, women tend to lie. Unless and until they don't totally rely on you, they will lie and once they start trusting, they will stop lying and speak the truth. Trust is a key factor for women lying to men.

    Now that you know why women lie, the next time you catch any woman lying, take some time to think and then react.

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    Story first published: Thursday, April 5, 2018, 20:30 [IST]
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